3 Idiots

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How could the first review of this blog be anything other than 3 Idiots, the movie I fell in love with several weeks ago and which I believe will come out to be the best film of 2010. An Aamir Khan classic, the film was a total package- it had an overarching lesson, nice visuals (final scene in Ladakh was breathtaking), a bit of romance, comedy, life and Chatur!

Did you know Chatur (Omi Vaidya) was born and raised in Los Angeles? He has an American accent in real life. I think he was excellent in the movie, pulled off a nice Indian accent when speaking English and a (naturally) funny accent when speaking Hindi.

Boman Irani was fantastic. I really love him, he is a great actor. I actually like him so much in his funny getups and white fluffy hair, I have trouble believing its him without them!

There is no need to say anything about Aamir… he is a genius and we all know it!

The other character which really grabbed my attention was Piya (Kareena). It wasn’t the character actually, it was Bebo that grabbed my attention. I don’t think I have seen her so “real” in any other movie. I have not been her biggest fan but I saw a different side to Kareena in this movie and I really really felt for the first time that she has become a good actor. I know many people thought this in Jab We Met, but based on comments I have read about the movie, Kareena appears to have changed quite a few opinions with 3 Idiots.

This is really an excellent movie, must watch (at least twice!) Don’t forget to watch some of the Behind the Scenes videos on YouTube. Behind the scenes for the dormitory scene is quite amusing (because it was actually a female dormitory and all the girls were watching them shoot that scene!)

Uttamam daddhat padam…

Did you know that you could follow Boman Irani on Twitter? Aamir Khan has a blog and writes from time to time.

Listen to and download 3 Idiots Audio:

  1. All Izz Well
  2. Zoobi Doobi
  3. Jaane Nahin Denge
  4. Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh
  5. Chatur’s Balatkar Speech

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