Dulha Mil Gaya

Sushmita, Shahrukh, Fardeen and a newbie Ishita Sharma are in Dulha Mil Gaya. Sushmita Sen is looking gorgeous! I must say! I was a bitconfused about her figure in the movie, because I watched Do Knot Disturb just a few weeks before this. I was surprised to see Sushmita nice and chubby in that film. In Dulha Mil Gaya, she is super thin, just as she has always been. When did this happen?! Both films released about the same time. I surely hope there wasn’t some sort of dramatic diet involved.

Anyway, Shahrukh’s presence made this film more lovable. He plays a caring, handsome,gentleman of a boyfriend to Sush. Fardeen was not bad in the movie. I was also impressed by the newbie, Ishita. She is so cute and a natural actor!

Listen to & download 2 of the movie’s songs:

  1. Tu Jo Jaan Le
  2. Magar Meri Jaan

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