My Name is Khan

I’m a King Khan fan. I was so anxious about My Name is Khan, I couldn’t wait to watch it. I have only been able to see the movie once (which means I didn’t really like it). After I saw it, I thought, its a good movie, but now since its been a few weeks, there is nothing which has stuck with me about this movie. Yes, Shahrukh was really cute and sweet as usual and he did a great job playing someone with Asperger’s syndrome but his character was not appealing enough to want to watch for 3 hours.

I also wish there was a fun component in the movie, you know, some entertainment…this is bollywood! What was Karan Johar thinking?! I’m not saying fun is necessary for a good movie, but everyone is better off on their own turf and I think Karan Johar is aware of this post MNIK.

Unfortunately, I think this movie was not worth the anxiety and effort. I agree with the message of the movie and I really liked it when Shahrukh said “prayer is about intent, not people.” So there were some messages there for the Muslim community which is why I think the film has done well in the Gulf. But overall, I feel it could have been much better.

I also feel that Kajol’s role was a bit underdeveloped, it almost felt like she wasn’t really in the movie. I like it when Kajol has a dominant role in a movie. She carries it well, I don’t think her role in MNIK did her acting capacity enough justice.

If you love Srk and Kajol, I say, watch it anyway!

The music was nice and suitable for the movie, you can listen to & download three of the songs here:

  1. Sajda
  2. Allah Hi Rahem
  3. Tere Naina

You can follow King Khan on twitter as well!


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