Pyaar Impossible

Pyaar Impossible made me feel like I was watching a Hollywood chick flick, and in a good way. I really liked the story, very real and sweet. Uday Chopra looked like a perfect geek and of course Priyanka the perfect girl. You should watch this movie on a rainy Friday evening + popcorn + a significant other. If you are a guy, you might be bored, if you are a girl, you will feel nice and cheezy.

The songs are so hummable! The main song- Pyaar Impossible, (which the “pyaar impossible” segment appears in all of the songs) will be on your tongue all day. I really enjoyed the songs of the movie, easy going and light, can listen to it at work even…

I just have to comment about Priyanka’s wardrobe in the movie. It was all good in the first part, where she is a college student…but the second part was unbelievable! They did not bother to buy her a second set of clothes for the latter half of the movie. She goes to work at a top software company in miniskirts and shorts!

Listen to “Alisha” here.

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