Karthik Calling Karthik

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I’m actually not sure why they made this movie. I had not seen any reviews or trailers and found the film to be a bit of a surprise. First 20-30min was extremely slow, it picked up a little bit in the latter part of the film. It’s easy to find this movie pointless and boring, but as much as I try not to, I have this inevitable desire to learn a lesson from everything. Here are what I think the lessons of this movie are- if you find these at all relevant to yourself, then I’d say why not watch the movie. But do not have high expectations.

1- If you fear that you might have schizophreniac tendencies, do not purchase a phone that allows wake up calls with message recording

2- If you do #1 and call yourself, seek medical/psychiatric assistance immediately

3-Okay, okay…on a more serious note…attitude is everything, when your attitude changes, your life changes…

4-Be compassionate to yourself!!!! For years, I couldn’t understand the phrase “I am my own worst enemy.” It suddenly dawned on me during this movie. “Karthik” helped Karthik so much in the beginning, helped him gain self-confidence and then later… “he” treated himself so badly. It can be easier sometimes to be kinder to others, but compassion begins with ourselves. Forgive yourself!

5- It is so difficult to be there for a loved one who has psychological issues. Thank you God for the health you have given, please protect and give patience to those who take care of individuals with mental health issues!

Also-I like “Ufff Teri Adaa,” listen to & download here.


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