I had pretty high expectations from this movie based on the trailers…I was happy with the film in some respects and yet unhappy in others. There were some super funny scenes, especially the electric dance (it was awesome!), the monkey punch scene (which is also in the trailer), Boman Irani thinking that the boys (Akshay, Ritesh, Arjun) are gay and the final scene with the laughing gas was good. But the comedy seemed to come sporadically throughout the movie. There was an essence of a storyline in the beginning and then it faded into a line of confusing events. The film was very much like “Do Knot Disturb” and “De Dana Dan”. Apparently this is the recent story trend in Hindi comedy. Comedy ke sath ek flowing story bhi hona chaiyya na? It’s not enough that I’m laughing, I like to know why I’m laughing too.

The comedy was handled by Akshay, Ritesh, and Boman Irani throughout the whole movie. Of the ladies, Lara Dutta definitely did the best job.  I’m also indecisive whether this is the best way to do a comedy. For example, yes, there was some idiocracy in Golmaal Returns, but every single character had their share of performance to show off their talent in comedy. In Housefull, I felt that many actors had little or no share in the comedy and I do wish they had been given that chance with the script. It was Deepika’s first comedy film and was she funny? no…! Also, there was something odd about the Akshay-Deepika couple. I don’t know if Deepika looked too young for Akshay or if Akshay actually looked older in this movie- something felt off…If you don’t mind not really getting what’s going on and just want a kick out of the silliness, you will be content with this film. I think I’ve enjoyed films like “3 Idiots” (Chatur, of course!), “Welcome,” (Akshay pulling out the steering wheel was the funniest thing I have ever seen) “Golmaal Returns,” (Bawariya!) “Paying Guest,” (there is just something about Shreyas Talpade dressed up as a woman) and even “Aage Se Right” more than Housefull. By the way, “Golmaal 3” is coming! It is currently set to release this Diwali, 5 November and pretty much the same exact cast as “Golmaal Returns”. Looking forward to that one!


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