Wanted versus Pokiri

So, I finally had the chance to watch Wanted yesterday. I know, I know…I’m trying to be a film critic and yet still trying to catch up on ’09 movies… I promise, when I am paid to do this as a profession, I will be up to par on this.

Wanted-1st scene- I was so excited to see Prakash Raj! Prakash Raj is a superb South actor, absolutely fantastic and can do any kind of role. I was wondering how the Bollywood sector had not yet discovered this Southern gem and begged him to do Hindi films. “This is a pleasant surprise” I thought to myself, “I hope he does many many more Hindi films.” The next thought that occurred to me was: “So when is the South version of Wanted coming?” If it was not made in the South first, that is. After all, Ghajini was a Tamil film, Don was remade in Telugu as “Billa.” Genelia D’Souza made Bomarillu three times- originally in Telugu, then Tamil, then Hindi. My God, how many times can you do the same film? Don’t you get bored of memorizing and reading the same lines in different languages over and over… Don’t tell me you agreed to the film because its such a good script. If you make a movie more than once, there can be no other reason but for extra cash…and I don’t quite get that. Anyway…

Then comes the first song of the movie, a fast “real” Indian song and Pappu (I mean Salman) can dance yaar! Looking at the first couple of scenes– crime, dons, fighting and fast tunes– increases the likelihood that this is a remake South film; not to mention Prabhu Deva, a South dance superstar’s appearance in the first song.

When we got to the aerobics class scene, third or fourth scene in the film, it finally hit me! It’s Pokiri!

Pokiri is a superhit Telugu film starring Mahesh Babu and Ileana released in 2006. Dialogues were even the same in Wanted. I couldn’t pay attention to the film after this- I just kept comparing every scene to Pokiri and finally quit watching, moved on to 15 Park Avenue, which I will not get started on… But this is precisely why remakes are not a good idea. I truly and sincerely feel that Pokiri is a better movie, the acting is better, the actors are more suitable for their roles. Mahesh Babu’s style is just different and he is just too good at playing a rogue. Salman seemed like a joke after the original. But do you think that this is an “original-copy phenomenon”? I mean, if I had seen Wanted first and then seen Pokiri, would I have thought that Wanted was better, because, for me it was the “original”? I do not think that this is the case. I saw the Hindi Don first and then I saw Telugu Billa. In this case, I liked the Telugu version better. Apparently, Tamil Pokiri was also made in 2008 with Vijay & Asin…I have not seen that one and if I compare any more movies with each other right now I think your eyes will glaze over.

In conclusion, if you have seen Wanted and not Pokiri, I recommend that you see it. You are going to see the difference! And I am sticking with my argument that originals are [usually] better than the remakes.

I love this song!


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