Tum Mile

I like this film. It’s a bit hollywoody, yet simple and very sweet. It could teach us a thing or two about love and relationships. Before I get into things I didn’t like so much, I want to talk about the content of the film which is what really matters. 2 people, who fall in love…it’s not a perfect relationship. She is a control freak and him, a quiet and distant kind of person, intriguing, artsy but not too competent with life and its rules. If we ever wondered what it means to be soulmates- this film- these characters probably tell us the most realistic and convincing story. Soulmates doesn’t mean that you agree on everything or that you are alike or that you don’t fight. It’s not characteristics that keep two people together, rather it is the emotions. There comes a time when every couple has to be tested– when every couple has to choose between that emotion- and the clashes of two individuals’ characters, worldviews and desires.

There are many factors which have to be right- right people, same level of maturity and and same level of love. We talked about this today with my mom. What keeps two people together? Especially in this day and age- when women stand on their two feet and no longer depend on men to survive- when men are increasingly frightened by responsibilities and expectations? Our mothers always tell us (ladies) that we should find a husband who loves us more then we love him. Tum Mile showed me that this is not true, especially in the year 2010 and beyond. It is emotion that will keep two people together. If one loves the other less, there is nothing stopping him or her from leaving.

And it happened to the couple in Tum Mile as well. But not because they didn’t love each other- both intensely and equally- but because it was not the right time. The girl was ready but the boy was not. After 6 years of being apart and yet thinking of each other, fate brings them together along with a rush of innumerable memories, scents, tears… What is this, if not love?

Why did this happen to them? What if they had spent those 6 years together and not apart? They couldn’t… they need to get to that right “time.” That time when both were ready for each other, where both understood each other’s importance and the next step in their relationship.

As sweet as the story was- there something wrong with a few of the scenes in the film. I’m not sure if these issues arose due to editing of scenes in post-production or whether this is the way it was intended it to be. For example, there is a scene where Soha Ali Khan is about to drown in the car, during which Emraan Hashmi is desperately searching for her. The last thing we see in that scene is Soha Ali trying to break the front windshield with her laptop. The scene is cut right there and we next see Soha in a line of people trying to get on a bus in flooded Mumbai. Why? Why did Emraan not find the car and save her? How did she get into that line all of the sudden? Why would the editing team do this, I have no idea… There is also a scene where Soha Ali and Emraan leave Emraan’s best friend along with others in flood waters, go into a building and sit down peacefully looking at each other romantically. I’m sure this is what most of us would do if our best friend was about to drown, whom they finally killed in the movie, like 2 minutes before the film ended…as if his death was necessary to complete this romantic story. I also don’t understand why Soha speaks rudely to Emraan when they first run into each other on the plane after 6 years, even though she still loves him. She never shows such an attitude afterwards, so it felt as if that scene was out of place with her overall character. These were some real dumb moves, especially for a film which has a nice love story, decent sets and good special effects (they made Mumbai look like it was flooded with rain and in the eye of a heavy storm quite successfully)… So a bit of a disappointment with these “oops” accidents.

I have not really liked Soha Ali or Emraan previously…nothing personal but I still don’t think I do. Emraan has done some pretty gross roles in the past and I get distracted by  Soha Ali Khan’s physical masculinity. That being said,  Emraan did a decent job in Raaz 2 and I did like Soha Ali in Rang de Basanti. I do think they performed well in the film and delivered the right emotions for their characters, so good acting on their part.


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