London Dreams

There is just so many things wrong with this movie, that I don’t know where to start. First of all, who’s idea was it to pick 40+ guys (Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan) for a movie about a boy band?! Was I supposed to be watching two 20 year olds with a double chin and deep wrinkles? Ajay needs to get his double chin tucked in and Salman has been needing some work under his eyes for a long time. Or they could just play roles that are suited for 40+ year olds.

Secondly, Salman’s hair looked horrible in the film, it was long, greasy and the ends were orange. Yuck!

As for the script, oh man. The beginning was bearable, the middle got interesting, the end was like jumping off a high cliff. The first 2/3 of the film was very real and believable. Guy (Ajay aka Arjun in the film) has a dream about becoming a singer and making it big, gets the chance to go to London, works hard, finally gets there and then his best buddy (Salman aka Munnu) steals his sunshine (and his girlfriend) because he’s way more talented. So Ajay decides to take what ‘belongs’ to him by getting his buddy addicted to drugs so that he can no longer perform (and that his gf leaves him). Salman eventually find out whats going on and goes back to India.

It was all fine and dandy until here. Suddenly the scene happens where Ajay’s uncle tells him that he needs Salman and that he should go to India, apologize and bring Salman back. Ajay basically turns to his uncle and says “Okay!” Then they go to India, Salman welcomes them, hugs Ajay and hops back over to UK, where the band gets back together and has a huge concert. Happy Ending THE END!

Wtf?! Um, did the producers run out of money or did the editors/director suddenly realize that they have 5 minutes of movie time left? That was the dumbest ending I’ve seen in my life. And I’m sure we would all right away forgive our friend who got us addicted to drugs and ruined our life.

Oh and yes, there was also Asin (aka Priya) in the film. I don’t think Asin is a bad actor, but she didn’t even act in this film. She flopped around danced a little and looked pretty. I’m sure she took this role just to be on the same screen as Sallu and Ajay and nothing else.

As for the songs, not bad. I enjoyed a couple a lot. The music was probably the best thing in the movie considering the stupid ending, Sallu not acting well and Ajay being his same old annoying self.

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