Arya 2

Ahhh! Where to start with this film?! I saw Arya 1 which was really really good. And I think Arya 2 is better than Arya 1 in many ways.

The script was interesting. It was similar to Arya 1 in the sense that Arya tries to win the love of the heroine and once again acts selflessly to help the couple stay together. But there is a really different streak in this film because Arya is portrayed very differently in the beginning. In fact, in the first half, I was like “What?! Arya is a psychopath?!” So you got me Writers! You fooled me into thinking he was like that! Great job. The second part of the film shows the softer side of Arya that is the sweet, nice, bully beating, lover that we know.

Despite the fact that we know how the film is going to end because of Arya 1 (obviously the girl is going to


realize what a loser her bf is and how great Arya is and fall in love with him). But the writers did an excellent job keeping us on our toes with excitement that assuming the end did not ruin the film for us.

I think Allu Arjun did a fantastic job as usual. The guy can act, he can dance, he can beat the heck out of you. His hair was awful though, it looked like an afro curly and then a greasy slob straightened (ah, Allu and Sallu need to change their hair stylist NOW).

I’m not too familiar with Kajal Aggarwal, I saw her in this film and Darling consecutively and honestly did not warm up to her at first. Is she pretty? Seriously? I’m pretty sure her nose is crooked. The supporting actress Shraddha Das, which happens to be in both Arya 2 and Darling is way more beautiful in my opinion. Yes, Kajal can act but I still think her long thin figure is making the decision in her career for now, not the acting.

The action sequences in the film are superb. The first one is the best, EVER! I salute the Action Director and Allu on that sequences. The idea is great, Arya beats and simultaneously treats the goons! You’ve got to see it! (It’s right below!)

The songs are good, very good, catchy. Mr. Perfect, Perfect, He’s Mr. Perfect…see stuck in my head! [That’s how I rate film songs :D] Allu dances great as usual. Although there was one move I wish he didn’t do. If he keeps this up, he’s going to be in bad condition in his 40s. Gotta treat your body kindly dude, you need it!


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