Kai Po Che

I’m going to tell you right off that Kai Po Che is a good film and you should see it. But it’s a serious film, so watch it when you’re in the mood for it, otherwise it might put you off.

This is a film about friendship and sports. It has strong messages about being united despite different beliefs, religions and families. It’s about three friends who set up a sports shop where they sell cricket equipment and also teach kids how to play cricket in the ground behind the shop. The film also has a strong political backdrop and goes through a serious of unfortunate events that get in the way of the friends’ dreams and how they try to overcome them.

I loved the film and I think everyone should watch it simply for its message of unity and how we should treat everyone equally despite their religious or political background. Because for sports, none of it matters, for humanity, none of it matters. You will also enjoy the film if you’re a cricket fan.

This film also brings us the debutante Sushant Singh Rajput. He is very talented, he did excellent in his first film and is already a craze with the girls.

The film does have a sad ending, so get ready for some tears if you’re the emotional type. I cried at the end.


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