Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola is a different type of a film.  It’s a political satire. So if you like intelligent comedy and have an interest in socio-political issues, you will enjoy this film.

I actually like the film but I’m afraid that it’s not everyone’s piece of cake and it was proven so at the box office. Unlike no-thinking-required masala films and slapstick comedies that Bollywood tirelessly dishes out for the hero crazed fans, this film actually gets you to think. Gasp! The horror!

I found it really hilarious how Mandola, an industrialist who dreams of factories and shopping malls in place of farmland when sober, changes into an emotional and honest man thinking of the welfare of the farmers when intoxicated. The crazy pink local daru with the picture of a pink cow on the bottle becomes the only way that the farmers can save their land from the greedy industrialist and his partner in crime, a female minister.

And then there is Matru and Bijlee, played by Imran and Anushka. Imran could have done so much with this role, but I’m afraid he’s very limited as an actor. He plays a servant to the industrialist who grew up with Bijlee and has strong Socialist-Communist tendencies.

I think Anushka was great, she’s always great! She has a lot of potential and here she plays a slightly eccentric and gloomy girl with dark black eye makeup, tattoos and not so fashionable clothing. She thinks she is in love with the minister’s son (a total idiot of course) but realizes that things are not as they seem later on.

Anyway, I won’t give too much away, because I think I’ve made you curious enough to see the film. Did I tell you that there is a random group of African dancers– that the minister’s son brought for Bijlee from Africa–popping up throughout the movie?  This film is crazy.

Oh and the songs are good! I like the title song, Oye boy and Lootnewale.


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