Thuppakki is a Tamil film about terrorism, or more specifically, about how to bring an end to terrorism. If you don’t like serious films, don’t let that scare you because this is not a serious film at all. It’s basically masala.

So the theme is terrorism and the sacrifices soldiers make to keep people safe at home. It’s great that Tamil cinema has figured out how to end terrorism, now the government of every country on earth can watch the movie and put it into action! Of course, I’m being sarcastic. This is what’s wrong with this film, it’s too idealistic. It makes things look too easy and we all know that it isn’t easy.

Vijay is playing the role of Jagdish and looks good as an army officer, he’s very fit! I really like him as an actor. He can play a tough guy and a romantic equally well.  The story takes place in Mumbai.

Vijay arrives home and is taken to see a girl for marriage straight from the train station. The actress is Kajal Aggarwal, she is playing Nisha. Is she there in every film or do I keep coming across her films?! I actually like the character she’s playing in this movie. Kajal tends to overact in her films, and she certainly had her share of overacting in this one. Someone else dubbed for her in this film and the voice did not suit her at all. Or I’m just too used to hearing her real voice in Telugu films.

So, Jagdish refuses the bride on the basis that she looks too traditional, is shy and has long hair. But she’s actually not like that at all! She’s exactly as he wants and he realizes it at a female boxing match where she’s one of the girls boxing.

For some odd reason, instead of vacationing, Jagdish decides to roam around with his police friend and help him. Because we all love to work during vacations. On one of these occasions, they come across a terrorist who blows up a bomb in the city. This is when things take a turn and we are given a surprise about who Jagdish really is. He turns out to be working for intelligence, so he wasn’t helping his friend for fun after all! He abducts a terrorist and then meets a corrupt policeman and literally forces him to commit suicide. He finds out that there is a plan for a huge attack on Mumbai in the near future. The rest of the film is about how he goes about stopping the attack.

I have a major problem with this part of the script. Just because someone is in the army and intelligence, can he go around shooting people? Doesn’t he need permission from superiors? How can he plan and carry everything out himself? There is something seriously wrong with how the army and intelligence are being portrayed in this film in my opinion.

The other problem of the film is the romantic track. Can’t a movie have just one theme? Is it always necessary to carry out multiple themes? What’s the problem if this turns out to be a serious film, it is about terrorism after all. Is it necessary to squeeze in romance and comedy into it? It makes things very confusing for the audience and disperses our attention to unnecessary things. Who cares about the games that the hero is playing with the heroine. He has better things to do like stop a huge terrorist attack, right? If you were trying to stop a terrorist attack, would you be partying and dancing at nightclubs and flirting with girls?

Wait, it gets worse! Jagdish meets up with his friends from the army for a wedding and tells them that they are going to play a game. They’re going to follow a terrorist to identify other terrorists in the city and kill them. But, he doesn’t say that they have to kill them until the very end! Wow! What a fun game to play with your buddies after a wedding! And of course, every single male who speaks to a terrorist and receives a parcel from him is also a terrorist, so all the terrorists are easily identified! The depth and complexity of this intelligence work is just mind blowing.

Now to the music, music is an inseparable part of Indian filmmaking. But it doesn’t always have to be portrayed as an all out dance with thirty back-up dancers and over the top dance moves. The music can be part of the story, it can be natural and melt into everything rather than sticking out and bothering us as it does in this film. The songs are not bad, I really enjoyed the first one, but they should have probably avoided dancing after the serious segment of the film started. It stopped making sense after that point.

Also, there is a song just five minutes into the movie when we don’t even know what it’s about yet. They should have left more space between songs because there are two songs in the first twenty minutes of the film.  The background theme is the background music of Race. I wish they had come up with something original.

Overall, I think Thuppakki was a good try. The idea was good, but it should have been made very differently. There were just too many parts that didn’t make sense to me. I actually think that the amount of action sequences in this film was perfect. Most South films have an action overload and I get tired of watching flying kicks and spilled blood in slow motion. I’m glad they didn’t go over the top with fights in this film.  I can’t say I disliked the film. It’s a good film to watch for those of you who don’t over-analyze things like I do. If you’re a fan of Vijay, you will enjoy the film. I’m sure I would not have sat through it if it weren’t for Vijay.


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