Dabanng 2

Dabanng was good and different. We hadn’t seen Salman like that before, so it was something new, it was a fun masala.

I don’t think it was a good idea to make  Dabanng 2. The story was not as good as the first and having seen Dabanng, there was nothing new or exciting about it. It’s the same characters, same fights, same romance. Actually, everything was almost the same, so boring.  Kareena’s item number was also not what I expected it to be. And what about those lyrics? “Mere photo ko seene se yaar… chipkale saiyaan Fevicol se.” It means “glue my photo to your chest with Fevicol.” Hahahaha! Fevicol is a glue brand in India! I wonder if they took any money from Fevicol or if it was free advertising.

Now ask me what the story of Dabanng 2 was. I have no idea! I was that bored!

If you’re a die-hard Salman fan, I’m sure you will enjoy the film. If you’re not a Salman fan, don’t bother watching this in my opinion.


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