Rockstar is a fantastic movie. I had heard great things about the film and Ranbir’s performance and I was not disappointed. Lately, I’ve been watching movies that had good reviews but did not live up to my expectations. So I’m glad that Rockstar did not disappoint me.

The story is very well developed and I think it was portrayed perfectly. Usually when a story takes us to the past and future, things don’t always flow well and can get confusing. Rockstar did not have this issue at all.  It was edited perfectly and left no room for confusion.

I’ve seen almost every film of Ranbir, the only one I haven’t seen yet is Rajneeti and I can confidently say that by far, Rockstar is his best performance. There were a variety of emotions that the character went through in this film—sadness, anger, disappointment, happiness. And these emotions, I could see in Ranbir’s eyes. He really got into the skin of the character and he deserved all the awards he got for this film.

The story is about Jordan, played by Ranbir, who loves music but who never gets a chance because he doesn’t have that “thing”—that attitude that a musician, an artist has. He learns that the only way to get that attitude is to feel pain, to get hurt, to be disappointed. In order to experience these, he decides to go after the most beautiful girl in his college, played by Nargis Fakhri. He ends up becoming friends with her and even goes to her marriage.

The rest of the story is about how they meet again and again but are never able to come together. The ironic part is that Jordan gets what he wants, he gets the attitude that a rockstar has, the attitude that comes with pain and sadness. But it has come at a huge cost.

Since this is a movie about music, the songs had to be excellent and they are. The music was composed by A.R. Rahman after all. The whole film is like a music festival. Rockstar was definitely the best music album of 2011 and won several awards. I enjoyed every single song but my favorites are Kun Faya Kun, Jo Bhi Mein, Haawa Haawa, Aur Ho.

The weakest link in the film appears to be Nargis Fakhri. There was a long search for the actress that would play opposite Ranbir and they came up with Nargis. I think the main reason for choosing her was that the character she played is Kashmiri and Nargis is half Kashmiri. I don’t think she was all that bad, I think she was okay despite this being her first film. She was much better in the second half than the first. But the issue was that she doesn’t speak Hindi and her voice had to be dubbed. I had actually expected Nargis to speak much more slowly in the film, like Katrina does. But she surprised me, her dialogue delivery was not as bad as I thought it would be, it was quite fast. Of course, her voice had to be dubbed and at times I felt that the voice did not match her mouth. It was also obvious that this is not her voice, so perhaps a different voice should have been selected for her.

The other problem with Nargis was her lips. She’s not called “duck lips” for no reason. She really has a big pout. Apparently, she was dabbing on lip plumper throughout the shooting. It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t leave her lips alone because during close-up scenes where she was actually acting decently, my attention kept shifting to her lips rather than her acting. She also accepted in an interview later that her lips were too much in the film.

By the way, doesn’t Nargis kind of look like Katrina?

I think everything else, technicality wise, in the film was fine. Ranbir’s short hair in the first half was a bit disturbing and so was his clothes in the very final song. But for this story, for this performance and for this music, I can ignore all these details.

If you haven’t seen Rockstar yet, what are you waiting for? I suggest that you see it as soon as possible.

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