Vicky Donor

This is another film that I heard very good things about. The topic is definitely very unconventional. It’s about sperm donation! Guess who produced the film? It’s John Abraham! It’s his first production venture and it looks like he did well for himself.

The film is about a doctor who runs a fertility clinic and who is in need of a sperm donor who has healthy sperm and a high sperm count. He finds Vicky, who he thinks will be perfect for the job. He finally convinces Vicky to do it and Vicky soon starts earning a lot of cash from his new job. Then, Vicky falls in love with a Bengali banker and marries her. Vicky doesn’t tell his wife about his job and has the intention of quitting sperm donation forever. But his wife finds out, is angry at him and leaves the house. What happens after that, you can find out when you watch the film.

Vicky is a debutante, Ayushmann Khurrana. He did a good job but I can’t get over his looks. I know this is rude, but I’m just going to say it. He’s ugly!  And the actress who was playing opposite him is Yami Gautam who is gorgeous. She kind of reminds me of Tamanna Bhatia. Where has she been hiding? I just cannot imagine these two people as a couple, so that was kind of what bothered me about the film.

But I have nothing to say about Ayushmann’s acting. He played his character convincingly and his first film has done well. So I’m sure we will be seeing him in more good films.

I think Yami was just perfect in this film. She plays the role of Ashima. She has the looks and she can act. This is a combination that’s not found easily these days. This is was also her Bollywood debut. Apparently, she has acted in some Hindi soap operas and did a film in the South before debuting with Vicky Donor. But I’m already a fan, I hope that she is here to stay.

As much as the topic of the film is a serious one, the film is quite funny. I actually think that being a sperm donor must be the dream job of every man. But it’s not something that someone can openly declare as an occupation. This is the main theme of the movie.

I think the funniest part of the movie is the doctor. I think he’s crazy. This man is obsessed with sperm. He has all sorts of sperm images and objects in his office. He even has a sperm shaped décor hanging from his rear view mirror in the car! I actually think that all the sperm décor was over-the-top. I’ve never been to a fertility clinic or met a fertility specialist. But I highly doubt that fertility doctors like to decorate their offices and cars with sperm shaped objects. It was silly, but I’m sure that many people found it funny.

The other part I found very funny was the struggle of getting the parents to agree for the marriage. Vicky is Punjabi and Ashima is Bengali. Both sides were arguing against the alliance and stereotypes for both Punjabis and Bengalis were mentioned. I found it hilarious.

This film was funny but, it was also weird at times. One thing I found very distasteful was the talk of “Aryan blood.” At one point, to convince Vicky to do this job, the doctor tells him that he has pure Aryan blood and that he’s a descendant of Europeans. And apparently, this is why he has so much sperm. I think this part was simply disgusting. When will Indians stop glorifying other races and start appreciating themselves? At least don’t do it in movies, because it’s not true. No race is superior to another race. I found it very distasteful that this was even spoken in the movie. Just terrible.

Overall, Vicky Donor is good for Hindi cinema. The fact that the film did well shows that filmmakers can explore different and unconventional topics without negative backlash from the audience. Not only was an unconventional topic discussed, but it was also discussed in a humorous way and people didn’t take any offence to it. I think the film is worth a watch.


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