Aawara is a very well made film starring Tamannah and Karthi that was made in both Telugu and Tamil. I watched the Telugu version. The film is underrated. The story is believable, nothing is over the top. There is dancing, there are fights, but it manages to look natural and believable throughout. Emotions are well portrayed, the cast selection is perfect. There is nothing flashy about this film and that’s why I like it. I also think that the story is very interesting.

Shiva (Karthi) sees Chiru (Tamannah) while getting on a bus in Bangalore. It’s love at first sight. He’s a roamer, doesn’t have a job or much responsibility. He’s not willing to do much for himself, but he’s willing to do everything for Chiru even though he doesn’t even know who she is. When he sees her at the train station distressed, along with a man looking for a ride, Shiva offers to drive them. Things take a turn when Chiru asks Shiva to leave behind the man at a gas station and she repeatedly misses her ride to go to Mumbai. She asks Shiva if he can drive her to Mumbai. This was exactly the opportunity Shiva was looking for and he agrees. The rest of the story is about the car ride to Mumbai and what happens when they get there.

It’s a very heartfelt story. Karthi is the star of the show. He steals your heart when he pretends not to care for Chiru during the ride to Mumbai even though he’s dying for her. He stays up all night watching her sleep. He never once makes me doubt his love and that just goes to show what a great actor he is.

Tamannah also played her role convincingly, she looked beautiful and she portrayed her heartbreak in regards to her family very well. But Karti is still the star, he made me his fan with this film.

The great part about Karthi is is that he’s an understated actor, he’s a natural. He doesn’t do in-your-face acting like Allu. He makes it look very easy, you can tell that he feels very good while acting. He can make you feel the same way.

I’ve been a fan of Tamanna ever since I first saw her on screen. She has a charm and I think out of all the heroes she’s acted with, she looks best with Karthi.

The music of the film is well made. The songs are beautiful, easy on the ears and very soothing. The songs are a part of the story, so everything flows.  You can listen to most of the songs at work or while studying and it won’t bother you. My favorite song is Arere Vaana, which is a rain song. I love it. The background score is also good, suitable for the film.

I know everyone’s taste in films is different but I really enjoy this film. I’ve seen it at least five times. It’s a type of film that I like to put on when I have nothing else to do or while I’m doing other things and working. It doesn’t get old, I enjoy rediscovering the characters in this film. You might not like it as much, but it’s a feel-good film that can be seen at least once.

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