Was this movie supposed to be about carom or the Hindu-Muslim riots? Looking at the name, it’s supposed to be about the former and it seemed so in the beginning. But throughout the film, there are flashbacks to the present which is Mumbai 1992 during the Hindu-Muslim riots. The flashbacks cut up the story and did not make sense. The film started about carom and ended about the riots. The writers should have stuck with one topic.

I watched this film only for Siddharth. Siddharth is a talented guy. He shines in emotional scenes. He was perfect in Rang de Basanti. He could have made a Bollywood career after that but it didn’t happen. The guy doesn’t know how to choose scripts. He was in the super hits Bommarillu and Rang de Basanti and then he did nonsense movies like Oye! And Oh My Friend in Telugu and Striker in Hindi.

Technically, Striker is something different for Siddharth. He usually doesn’t make serious films like this. But the film is not the kind that does well at the box office. It’s not mainstream and it’s boring. The only notable moment in Striker was his reaction when he saw his sister’s and her husband’s dead bodies. Like I said, he shines in emotional scenes.

I’m not sure why he chose to do Striker, probably because the entire film is centered around his character. But who cares when the film is so boring that you can barely stay awake?


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