Go Goa Gone

Go Goa Gone is a horror comedy about three guys—Hardik (Kunal), Luv (Vir) and Bunny (Anand). Hardik is the most “loose” of them all. He and Luv spend most of their time smoking weed and drinking. Bunny is the goody boy—doesn’t drink, do drugs or fool around. Hardik loses his job and Luv gets dumped by his girlfriend. Bunny on the other hand is being sent to Goa for a business meeting. Hardik and Luv take this opportunity and go with him to party in Goa and forget about their losses. The day they get to Goa, they find out about a rave party that night at a remote island that’s organized by the Russian mafia. They get to the party, during which a new drug is being introduced. The next morning, the three wake up to find that some of the people from the party had turned into zombies because of the new drug.  Good thing each pill cost five thousand rupees, because none of the three guys could afford it.

And then there is Boris (Saif)– the Desi who spent way too much time with Russians and decided to be one himself. His hair is dyed blonde and he insists on speaking English with a Russian accent. Boris is their savior and knows how to kill the zombies—by blowing up their heads. The rest of the story is about how the guys (and a girl) manage to stay alive and get off the island.

I quite enjoyed the movie. It had some slow moments in the latter half, but it never really got boring. It wasn’t scary. It was gory at times though. I had a few “eww” moments when the zombies were eating people. But it’s nothing that will cause nightmares. It’s mostly very funny. The conversations between the three guys are the most hilarious. The opening scene is also very funny. The first scene shows Hardik and Luv all doped up and watching Chiranjeevi’s zombie dance movie. “Goli mar mar mar mar!”

Saif was also very good as Boris, he looked hot and he did the Russian accent quite well in my opinion. He produced the movie under his production company (Illuminati) and Eros. If Kunal hadn’t been perfect in his role, I would have considered the film a family production and the role a favor for Kunal, but he really was perfect for the role. I don’t think it was necessary to show Soha Ali Khan (who is dating Kunal) as Hardik’s ex-girlfriend in the film. At that moment, it did feel a bit like a family production.

The music of the film is also good. I love Slowly Slowly, it’s in the “most played” list of my iPod.

Anyway, I highly recommend this film. It’s very entertaining, it won’t disappoint you. The most important part is that it’s something very different for Bollywood and they pulled it off.

Oh, and the film has a message: Say No To Drugs. I think. Why does the film end with the three guys singing “Babaji ki booti… solution to all the problems” again? Right.

Memorable dialogues from Go Goa Gone:

Hardik: Hi. I’m Hardik….

Girl: Hard what?…

Hardik & Bunny: Dik! Dik!

Girl: Really?!

Hardik: Always!


Bunny: Yeh Russian logon ki kya bagwan hota hai?

Luv: Stalin?


Hardik: I know what they are. They’re zombies.

Luv: India mein bhoot bret hoti hai. Yeh zombies kahan se agaya?

Hardik: Globalization!


Luv: Chalo, hum zombies ke bare mein jante kya hai? What do we know? What have we learnt?

Bunny: We know nothing and we have done ganda.


Bunny: Are you really Russian?

Boris: Wat?

Bunny: You look a little desi. Are you really Russian?

Boris: ..pause… Haan, Delhi se hoon, bhen****.


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