Chashme Baddoor

This is the remake of Chashme Buddoor of 1981. The plot is the same, with just a few minor changes. This film was shot in Goa whereas the original took place in Delhi. The local shopkeeper in the original appears to have been replaced with the café owner played by Rishi Kapoor in the remake.

I did not see the original, so I cannot compare the two films. But I do know that the original was very successful, popular and labeled a classic. It’s hard to live up to originals, and this film is certainly not at the same level.

This is a romantic comedy about friendship and love. It’s about three friends. Two of them Jai (Siddharth) and Omi (Divyendu) are mischevious players and the third one—Sid (Ali) is a good boy who’s just into studies.  The two players go after the new girl in the neighborhood and fail miserably. But they lie about their experience with her and make up stories about how they romanced her. Another day, Sid accidentally meets the same girl and falls in love. The two soon start romancing. When the two guys find out that Sid is dating the same girl they had made up stories about, they make a plan to separate them. They think that if Sid finds out, their friendship will end and they don’t want that.

They succeed at separating them but when they see the depressed condition of their friend Sid after the breakup, they feel bad and reveal that nothing had happened with the girl and that they were intentionally trying to separate them. Then, the three come together and make a plan to get the two lovers together. The plan works, and happy ending.

Chashme Baddoor is a sometimes funny, sometimes stupid, sometimes cheesy film with lots of overacting.

Siddharth and Divyendu acted over-the–top in the film. I did not enjoy their performances, except for a few scenes. Like the scene where Siddharth sings in Telugu and speaks with a South Indian accent. It was clichéd by funny. I found Divyendu’s performance very irritating. I did not find his poetry funny at all. Anupam Kher also overacted and was not funny.

Ali Zafar, thankfully did not overact and I think he saved the film with his fresh presence. He’s kind of cute, I’ve liked him since I saw him in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. I love his accent and his smile. The romance between Rishi Kapoor and Lilette Dubey was also funny. Tapsee Pannu who played the heroine was okay, she did not overact much. Her performance did not leave much of an effect on me though.

The music of the film was actually good for the most part. I like Early Morning and Dhichkyaaon Doom Doom. These two songs have 70s feel to them and I like the choreography, especially in the latter. Ali Zafar sang that song! In Early Morning, Ali and Rishi do a little dance together, which was cute and funny. There is something endearing about Rishi Kapoor’s bouncing beer belly. In the film, there were also several tributes to older Bollywood songs—from the 90s . Like that Govinda and Karishma song—what is mobile number, what is your smile number?– from Haseena Maan Jayegi. I think those were a nice touch.

Aside from the overacting and ridiculously loud expressions by Siddharth, the other thing that bothered me was that Ali Zafar didn’t look like the character he was playing. He wore glasses in one scene and in another scene, Anupam Kher called him a brilliant student. But still, he did not look the part of a studious boy. He seemed way more sociable than that. But I read in the synopsis of the original that the only common thing between the three guys in the films was supposed to be the fact that they smoke. In this remake, the Sid character did not seem too different from Jai and Omi. Maybe Jai and Omi didn’t seem mischievious enough, I’m not sure.

Even though I felt that there was overacting and some silly, stupid jokes in the movie, I think Chashme Baddoor is a fun film that’s good to watch when one needs to be cheered up. I don’t think we should put down these films too much because this is why many of us started watching Bollywood movies in the first place. To forget about our worries and watch something fun and entertaining with jokes, songs and dancing. We can’t be watching Talaash and Aashiqui 2 type depressing movies everyday now can we? Even if it’s silly, it can make us happy. So I think I enjoyed this film and I will recommend it.


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