Atharintiki Daaredi Review


Atharintiki Daaredi is a mass Telugu entertainer with Pawan Kalyan and Samantha in the leads. The cast also includes Boman Irani and comedians Brahmanandam, Ali, MS Narayana and Raghubabu.

This is the first Pawan Kalyan film I’ve seen. I had seen his films online before but never watched any. But having seen Atharintiki Daaredi, I completely regret this decision. Pawan Kalyan is a very good actor and his style and personality are just something else. He surprised me in this film and I am completely a fan now.

Pawan Kalyan is like a quiet force. He can have zero dialogues in a scene and still dominate it. His quiet demeanour is impactful and his eyes do all the talking. He is definitely the best thing about this film, even though the film itself is very good. His expressions of anger, love and sadness are all very real. He does not over-act at all. He doesn’t have to speak loudly and exaggerate his speech to make an impact. Moreover his body language and style are very unique. To sum it up, even though most of the scenes of the film were on Pawan Kalyan, I couldn’t not get enough of him. I wanted to see him in every single scene and I don’t usually feel this way about actors.

The film is about Gautam (Pawan Kalyan) who joins as a driver at his aunt’s house in order to somehow win her heart and convince her to return home. Boman Irani plays Gautam’s grandfather, who requests Gautam to bring his aunt. The aunt had eloped with her husband without her father’s permission and the family split many years ago. I have never seen Boman Irani in a role like this. I’ve not seen him in a South film previously actually. He is a perfect actor and delivers his role and dialogues well. I would like to see him in more South films. Sasi (Samantha) is the aunt’s younger daughter and doesn’t like Gautam from the beginning. The rest of the film is about whether Gautam succeeds and how he makes it happen.

The story of the film is solid. It’s a realistic, entertaining family film that delivers on all points—be it drama, action, romance or comedy. The film does not bore at all and keeps the audience engaged throughout. I constantly found myself wondering what is going to happen next.

The first part of the film is better than the second half. The first part is more energetic. The entry of Brahmanandam in the second half slows down the film a little bit and was completely unnecessary in my view. It’s as if the filmmakers decided that they want all the comedians in the film and wrote scenes for Brahmanandam just for this purpose. Ali, MS Narayana and Raghubabu’s scenes are perfectly in line with the story and are very entertaining. Brahmanandam’s scenes stick out like a sore thumb and divert the story. But the director manages to pull it all together and delivers an emotional and happy ending in the last half hour.

The action of the movie is very good. It’s well-choreographed and kept me engaged but did not bore me. The first action sequence and why it happens doesn’t really make sense. But it looks very good and introduces the hero. I really liked that the action in this movie was natural and realistic. Some movies go over the top with the choreography showing us things that could never happen. I think that’s a minus point. But in this film the action is not only effective but it’s also realistic making it even more exciting for the audience.

The dialogues are good. Some are average but some are perfect. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Sasi talks about her love and one of the last scenes where Gautam talks to his aunt and uncle at the railway platform. Pawan Kalyan’s stylish and arrogant dialogues throughout the film were also entertaining.

The music is average. Only one or two songs were enjoyable, the others just filled space. The choreography for the songs were poor however.

The chemistry between Pawan Kalyan and Samantha is great. I wish there were more scenes in the movie where we could see their chemistry. Pawan’s quiet and serious attitude as the heroine explained her love for him was beautiful. The way Samantha held a piece of paper so she could only see Pawan’s eyes was great. I also liked the following scene with the two, where Samantha tells Pawan to leave but is pulling him towards her at the same time. These are fairly short scenes but they were effective and delivered the romance well.



I just have a few problems with this film. First of all, the hero, his aunt, his father and his grandfather all appear to be the same age. Secondly, I was not able to digest the fact that the hero had such a sudden change of heart about the girls. First he liked his aunt’s elder daughter, and in fact thought of marrying her. But when it turned out that she loves someone else, and when he found out that his aunt’s younger daughter likes him, he just switched to the younger daughter. What is this? Will he love just about anybody? Is it enough if a girl is interested in him? This was the only weak aspect of the hero’s character and left me a little uneasy.

Thirdly, as with most Telugu films, there is also “hero worshipping” in this film. I heard this term recently from a Telugu moviegoer and I completely agree. There is always an inclination in Telugu movies to show the hero like a God, representing the hero with above human characteristics. I wish filmmakers would stop doing this as it’s completely unnecessary.  Most Telugu heroes are very talented people who can act, fight and dance. Their performances are enough for fans in my view. It’s wrong to show them as a divine figure. They are just people like us.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this movie. It’s one of the better Telugu films of recent. Watch it for the story and watch it for Pawan Kalyan. I promise you will not be bored. I watched the film twice already and I’m sure I will see it again.


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