Iddarammyalitho Review

Meaning “with two girls,” Iddarammyalitho is a Telugu action-romance entertainer starring Allu Arjun.

The film starts by showing Akansha (Catherine Teresa), the daughter of an Indian minister going to Spain to study psychology. When she arrives at the room she is going to stay in, she finds a box belonging to the previous tenant, another Telugu girl named Komali (Amala Paul). Akansha finds Komali’s diary and starts reading. The diary describes the meeting of Komali and Sanju (Allu Arjun). As she reads the diary in parts, Akansha sees Sanju at present and meets him. She’s keen to find out what happened between Komali and Sanju as Komali is nowhere to be seen. But the diary ends rapidly not revealing what happened. Akansha is after Sanju to find out what happened and the rest of the film reveals the reality.

For Allu Arjun fans, this film is a disappointment after good films like Vedam and Julayi. Although the story sounds interesting, it doesn’t work out too well in application. The film is about revenge and these types of films are only impactful when there are thrilling twists. Julayi was about revenge as well but the story and performances there kept us on our toes.  Although Iddarammyalitho attempts this, it doesn’t succeed. There is no thrill. It’s a mere time pass film that I only recommend for Allu Arjun fans.

The best aspects of the film are the two heroines and the different scenery. Catherine Teresa and Amala Paul are beautiful and decent actors. Both are originally Malayali and made recent entries to Telugu films. It was nice to see new faces on screen, I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of them. The film was shot in Spain in entirety and the visuals are pleasant.

The music is just a little above average. Allu Arjun danced great as usual.

I was not pleased with the actor who played villain. As for comedians, Brahmanandam’s role was okay but Ali’s role was horrible and a total misfit.

There were also illogical aspects to the film such as Komali going around Spain in a half-saree and Allu Arjun going to Paris to catch the villain and merely running after his car wearing a suit and bow tie. The title of the film is also misleading. This is definitely not a film where you should look for logic, if you decide to see it.

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