Just Got Back From Chennai Express (1st day – Turkey)

I just got back from Chennai Express. The 6:45 show was about 70% full. There were some small kids (like age 5) with their moms, some middle schoolers, some couples and some guys who had just got out of work and still had their suits on. After the show, I kept taking pics of Chennai Express on the small electronic billboard. The guy working there watched me for a while and then told me that there was a large poster but they hid it because a kid had drawn a thin mustache on Shahrukh. We were like “bring it out please!” The girls who came for the 9:45 show arrived just in time for the big poster and started taking pics with it. Chennai Express was translated into Turkish as “Love Train” but they also had “Chennai Express” on the tickets.

Overall, good show. The audience did not understand some bits, like the bits about DDLJ, Deepika’s Tamil accent and the North-South Indian issues. But lots of laughter (especially by my mom!) and the young girls danced a little and lip-synced to Lungi Dance at the end. Since it’s Friday night, people were a bit tired and left quickly after the show. I expect the sessions on the weekend to be at least 75% full. The rest of the week will probably be slow. Hopefully the distributors will earn enough money to invest in more films. Next up is Dhoom 3 scheduled for June. That should be even more fun since I have not seen it.

What I feel most happy about was that there were different age groups in attendance. I think it’s going to be the young generation that’s going make Bollywood a well known industry in Turkey.


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