Queen Review

Queen is a comedy drama starring Kangana Ranaut. It’s a women-centric film. Rani’s (Kangana) fiance tells Rani that he cannot marry her one day before the wedding. Rani, who is shattered, decides to go on the honeymoon to Paris which she would have gone with her husband one day after her marriage. The rest of the film is about Rani’s experiences in Paris and Amsterdam and how she returns to India as a changed woman.

Queen is a difficult film to review. One must see it for the experience. I don’t think that any review could do justice to the film.

Queen is about women empowerment and I think that it should be mandatory for all young women to see this film. Queen is not just about this girl named Rani and her experiences. I think she represents the position of millions of women in India and elsewhere. The message I take away from the film is that women must not allow men to control them. It’s important for women to have their own identity, stand up on their own feet and live life on their own terms. A woman should not make a man her entire life and do everything as he would like. Because if one day that man disappears, she will be left like fish out of water and with a long list of regrets.

The film also touches on how women are expected to behave in Indian culture, when Rani says that women are not even allowed to burp in India. This made me think, could Rani have gone through such a transformation if she hadn’t gone on the trip to Europe? I don’t think so.

The character Rani in Queen is a delightful girl. In the beginning, she is withdrawn and fearful. But as she spends time in Europe and meets new people, the true Rani comes out– an outgoing, colorful, open-minded girl with a lot of life and positivity. I love how she tells everyone bad jokes in Hindi and then laughs at her own joke.

There are several scenes in the film that I enjoyed a lot. My favorite scene is when Rani starts dancing in the bar to an old Hindi song. She is dancing as if she’s taking all of the revenge for the pain and disappointment she has been subjected to. She is dancing like she is taking the world under her feet and taking control of her life. I love the way Kangana performed in this scene. The bar scene and the scene afterward where she is dancing in front of the taxi driver were just hilarious. I hadn’t laughed so much in a long time. As Rani was relieved of her worries dancing like a crazy on the dark streets of Paris, it felt like I was relieved of my worries too.

Before the dance scene, Rani is shown talking non-stop to Vijayalaxmi and crying. Vijaylaxmi consoles her by patting her shoulder once in a while, but she doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Rani talks and talks and talks. It’s a great scene.

I also like how Rani speaks Hindi throughout her trip and a tiny bit of English but she has no trouble conversing with people. This film reminded me that when people want to understand each other, words are not that important. You can speak the same language with someone but if they don’t want to understand you, they won’t.

Another scene I like is when she sees the Eifel Tower and runs away from it as though it is some giant that is ready to stomp and crush her. I think the Eifel Tower is symbolic for all of the suffocation and humiliation her fiance put her through, and the memories of those incidents. She is basically running to put the past behind her.

Kangana is absolutely fantastic in this film. She has matured as an actor and performs effortlessly. From Gangster to Fashion to Tanu Weds Manu and now Queen, she has only gotten better and better. There is something different about Kangana in this film. I think she has not only matured as an actor, but also as a person and a woman which comes across in this film. I see a confidence in her in this film that I hadn’t seen in her previous films. With her refreshingly honest interviews, down to earth nature and extreme hard work, as a woman I feel proud of her. I hope that she will continue to get roles like Queen where she can portray her talent to the fullest. And I expect her to get some serious awards for this performance.

If you have not seen Queen yet, I urge you to see it right away. I especially recommend it to women. You will cry, laugh and dance with Kangana. And I hope that you will take away some important messages from the film. Hungamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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