Parugu Versus Heropanti

tumblr_mlia1fFrjb1s2dzq6o1_1280heropanti paruguParugu is a 2008 Telugu film starring Allu Arjun and Sheera. Heropanti is the 2014 Hindi remake starring Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon.

Both films are about the elopement of the daughter of a powerful man, played by Prakash Raj, and the search for the daughter. In order to locate the runaway couple, the father and his men kidnap and house arrest friends of the boy. One friend is the cunning and courageous lad, played by Allu and Tiger, respectively.

When Allu/Tiger realizes that the girl he is in love with lives in the same village where he is being held, he decides to stay on and help the family locate the runaway couple, supposedly. The girl he has fallen for turns out to be the younger sister of the runaway girl, and her marriage too is arranged. The rest of the film is whether Allu/Tiger get the girl to fall for him and what happens when it’s time for the younger girl to marry.

Finally, a South remake that’s just as good as the original. When it comes to originals versus remakes, I usually hate the remake. But this time, I’m satisfied with the remake. Most of Heropanti is a scene by scene copy of Parugu, but a few scenes were moved around and the ending was changed a little. I guess if I have to pick one, I would pick Parugu just for Allu’s performance and the comedy scenes. But Heropanti is no less of a film.

One thing both films have in common is publicity. According to wikipedia, Parugu grabbed attention because of the rumors that the story was based on the real-life elopement of Chiranjeevi’s daughter (Allu is Chiranjeevi’s nephew). Heropanti has grabbed a lot of attention because it is the debut of Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger.

Here are according to me, the strengths and weaknesses of Parugu and Heropanti:

Parugu Strengths

The strength of Parugu is Allu Arjun who gave a great performance in that film. His style, dialogues, body language and charisma are what made Parugu entertaining. Allu has his own signature style. I think it’s the combination of cool attitude and sarcasm that his character always carries. Moreover, he is fantastic in the comedy and romance scenes in this film. His eyes are extremely expressive and I love the way he delivers his dialogues.

Take the scene in Parugu when he finds the goondas harassing the girl. Allu’s character is unbelievably angry in that scene. First he is relieved that he found her, then he is bursting with anger and he expresses it amazingly well. He was also fantastic when the girl is made to recognize him, he has a foolish, love-bitten smile and expression. And the way he looks at the girl when they are out searching for the sister in Hyderabad… his looks can make a girl melt! And he was great in the scene in the temple as well. So when it comes to Parugu, the cake really goes to Allu for playing that character so well and entertaining us throughout the film.

The other strengths of Parugu are that there is a good dose of comedy and the music is good.

Parugu Weaknesses

The actress in Parugu should have been more beautiful. It’s a weakness only because Allu’s character falls for the girl at one glimpse. And the character is such that once he falls in love, there is no going back. Once he’s fixed on a girl, that’s the only person he’ll love. And mind you, Allu is looking very handsome in this movie, so in order for the story to be believable, the girl should have been very beautiful.

Heropanti Strengths

Tiger and Kriti are both strengths of the film. Despite being debutantes, they acted very well. I had my doubts about Tiger after seeing some of the stills and posters of the film. I found Tiger’s facial features unusual for a “hero”. But when I watched the film, it did not bother me at all. I’m actually surprised by how well Tiger performed for his first film. He has good dialogue delivery and I like his voice. He can also express through his eyes when he wants. I actually think that this is one of the best star son debuts of recent years. Tiger is also brilliant in stunts and fights. I think Heropanti has been an excellent debut for him.

There are a lot of jokes circulating in social media about Tiger’s facial resemblance to the actress Kareena Kapoor. I did not want to comment on this but there was one scene in Heropanti where Tiger’s face emerges in the dark. For a moment, I thought it was Kareena. But it was just that scene. I think we’re going to get over this thought as we see more of his films.

Kriti is a beautiful and a talented actress. She performed her role well.

The stunts and fight scenes in Heropanti are impressive.

Heropanti Weaknesses

The family in Heropanti is presented even more backward than they were in Parugu. The male family members are more scary. There are also less comedy scenes. So the overall mood of the film is a little more serious than Parugu.

The romance could have been upped a notch. Parugu had a few more romance scenes and the emotions got across better in the original. There was romance in Heropanti but I think it would have been even better if there was a little more. I think the issue was also that Tiger’s expressions fell short in some scenes. Like I said, Allu was very expressive in Parugu, so he left no doubt about how much he is in love with the girl. Tiger fell a little short in this department in some scenes. There were some scenes in the latter part of the film where I expected nice expressions from Tiger but his face was just blank. He could have done better in the climax scenes with the father.

The background music of the film is hideous and painful to hear.


Differences Between Parugu and Heropanti

  • In Parugu, Allu’s character is introduced in the street at night, whereas Tiger in Heropanti is introduced in a gym room (which is convenient for stunts!)
  • In Parugu, Allu sees the girl for the first time in the village (when running towards the railway tracks) and falls in love with her in that moment. In Heropanti, they added a previous scene showing Tiger seeing the girl and falling in love with her earlier.
  • In Parugu, the girl is extremely innocent. Her family has taught her that it’s wrong to love. She is also told not to look into a man’s eyes or she’ll fall for him and she’ll be ruined. She believes all this and avoids Allu’s character as much as possible. (This is also why in both films, the girl suddenly closes her eyes when forced to look at Tiger. It didn’t make sense in Heropanti because they left this bit about the girl out.) In fact, in Parugu, she basically hates him up until she goes to his house while searching in the city. But in Heropanti, the girl does not appear to be against love at any point in the film.
  • There is no such scene in Parugu where Tiger is shown showering and then hugging the girl in Heropanti. Why did he touch her and kiss her, despite talking about loving another girl? That was a strange scene.
  • There is no going out and partying in Parugu like there is in Heropanti. Moreover, in Parugu, we are introduced to Allu’s mother and the whole group end up staying in Allu’s house in Hyderabad (Delhi in Heropanti).
  • In Parugu, the family does not honor kill, so after the girl yells at her father in the street, the father just goes away after his dialogue. In Heropanti, they want to kill the couple but decide not to in the last minute.
  • At the end of the film in Parugu, Allu tells the father that he came to the wedding not to run away with his daughter, but just to talk to him. In Parugu, it’s Allu who rejects the girl. In Heropanti, Tiger says he came to run away with the girl, but the girl refused. Also, there is no fight scene at the end of Parugu. They just stop the guys in the same forest near the railway and the father tells him to go and take his daughter.
  • There are more comedy scenes in Parugu than in Heropanti and the comedy is done well. In fact, some of Allu’s friends are comedy actors. So all of the scenes in the shed were super funny. Heropanti, unfortunately, tamed down the comedy a little which again made the film more serious overall.

If you have seen Parugu and wondering whether to see Heropanti, I recommend Heropanti for Tiger. Tiger is here to stay, so you may want to see his debut film if you’re a Bollywood fan. If you’ve seen Heropanti, then I definitely recommend seeing Parugu as well. See it and enjoy Allu’s fantastic performance in that film.







4 thoughts on “Parugu Versus Heropanti

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  2. I am just reading this and I realized that you are referring to Allu Arjun as Allu. Just letting you know, Allu Arjun’s first name is Arjun, not Allu. In Telugu culture, people are referred by their surname and then their given name. i.e. while the western world would call him Arjun Allu, he would be known as Allu Arjun according to Telugu culture. Usually heroes in the Telugu film industry aren’t referred to by their last names but Allu Arjun’s father was a popular producer who went by his full name of Allu Aravind. The public then began to refer to Arjun as Allu Arjun as a way of identifying him as he was first known as Allu Aravind’s son and Chiranjeevi’s nephew. Arjun is a pretty common name so this was convenient and it stuck. This hasn’t really happened to any other hero as they just happened to have uncommon names. For example, I have never heard of the name Ram Charan before. I heard the names Ram and Charan but not both of them put together to make one name. Prabhas is also a pretty unique name. Another reason that heroes don’t usually go by their surnames is because you can usually tell the caste of a person by their surname. caste issues in cinema is another topic though. Sorry if this sounded rude or something.
    TJ Stevens

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