Yevadu Review

Yevadu (Who?) is a Telugu mass action entertainer starring Ram Charan and Shruti Haasan. Allu Arjun and Kajal Agarwal have extended appearances. Amy Jackson and Brahmanandan also have small roles in the film.

Yevadu is about Satya (first played by Allu and then Ram Charan) who is trying to protect his girlfriend Deepthi (Kajal) from goons. They are both attacked by the goons and Deepthi is killed while Satya survives, but with severe injuries and a burned face. He receives a face transplant at the hospital where he remains for ten months. When he wakes up, he goes on a mission to take revenge from the people who killed Deepthi.

Satya takes his revenge. When he thinks that everything is over, some guys attack him. He doesn’t know who they are and finds out from the doctor about the face that is now his. He learns of the story of Charan (Ram Charan) and his girlfriend Manju (Shruti) and decides to complete what Charan had tried to do before he died.


Yevadu is an interesting film. The first half and the second half are actually two separate stories. But they are linked to one another and there are several twists in the story that keeps the audience on its toes. Both parts of the story are interesting and meaningful, although the transmission between the characters could have been done in a better way. I would have preferred to see Charan’s story in the second half shorter. It would have been better if we could see Satya taking on Charan’s identity for a longer time on screen. The revenge part in the first half felt rushed. I disliked the last scenes of the film because it seemed unnecessary that Satya, after taking on Charan’s identity, should take his girlfriend too.

Ram Charan plays two different roles in the film. Ram Charan was impressive in action scenes and his dialogue delivery was decent. He certainly has a good screen presence. He is  good looking. The problem I have with Cherry (that’s Ram Charan’s nickname) is that he has only one facial expression and it never changes. I felt that way when I saw Magadheera. It has been five years since Magadheera and there is no improvement in Cherry’s facial expression. He carries the ‘angry young man’ look well, and it suits the characters in this film, but it does get boring after a while.

Even though he had a very small appearance in this film, Allu Arjun, as always, has stolen the limelight. Cherry is not as good an actor as Allu. Allu has better expressions, he speaks with his eyes. I also liked the Allu and Kajal onscreen couple in this film.

Amy Jackson has surprisingly done a good job with her small role. I actually think she has a better screen presence than Shruti Haasan. Shruti as usual has a flowerpot role and does nothing aside from looking pretty.

I am so impressed with the cinematogrophy in this film. It is truly mind-blowing in some places. The scene in the bus when Satya and Deepthi die is the best. Watch how the camera moves in that scene and how it captures the events and emotions so perfectly. Excellent direction and camerawork! Those quick close-ups, the close up on their eyes and the moment when Deepthi is killed…. are hair raising. Just this scene is enough of a reason to watch the film.

Although I became less interested in the story after Satya killed off those murderous bad boys like it’s no big deal, I continued to watch it imagining that it was Allu Arjun behind that face. So you could say that I watched the film for Allu Arjun!

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