Darr @ the Mall Review


I don’t review horror films often. I think that this is a difficult genre to review because fear is such a natural and instinctive emotion. It’s difficult to know what someone may be afraid of. And I think that with horror films, the music and special effects are mostly responsible for creating fear in the audience. One day, turn off the sound while watching a horror film, ¬†preferably during a very scary scene, and see how little impact it makes on you. The background music, the cinematography, and the special effects actually scares us, not really the story or the performances although those can make a difference too.

Although I don’t often review horror films, I do watch them and enjoy them. I like troubling myself by watching horror films very late at night and then I will fall asleep praying because I’m scared! I don’t know why I do that. Fear is attractive in a strange way. We get scared and still watch it!

Darr @ the Mall, as the name implies, is about strange occurrences at a mall. The main actor in the film is Jimmy Shergill whom I have been growing more fond of lately as an actor. People labeled him a failure very quickly in his career but he has pulled through that and has become a popular supporting actor and lead actor. He does serious roles well, he has made a niche for himself.

This film is about a mall which has been getting a bad name because of the repeated deaths that have been taking place there. Those who work there say that the mall has ghosts and after the death of the last head of security at the mall, no one wants to take the job. Then arrives Vishnu Sharma (Jimmy Shergill) who agrees to take the job and becomes the new head of security. As soon as he joins work however, he too starts noticing strange things at the mall. He also comes across some images that the previous security head had kept, images of ghosts at the mall. Vishnu continues seeing and experiencing strange things and realizes that there is paranormal activity at the mall.

However, the mall owners and administrators do not believe him and have a big event at the mall to attract customers. But things go awry when deaths start occurring during the event and strangely, those who die are either in the same family or are connected to one another. Vishnu finds clues about why the deaths may be occurring and it turns out that there is a reason why he is there.

As is the trend with many horror films involving ghosts, there is a good reason why the ghosts are hanging out at the mall and troubling the people that they do. You will have to see the film to know why.

The background music of the film is very good. It’s effective and helps create tension and fear as it should. I also like the Pina Colada item song. The special effects in the film are okay.

I do recommend Darr @ the Mall. It’s a decent watch and it does scare.


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