Drishyam Review

Drishyam is a drama thriller starring Mohanlal. It’s apparently the highest grossing film in the history of Malayalam cinema. I did not know this when watching the film, but I understand why!

The film is about Georgekutty (Mohanlal), a cable TV servicer who has a wife and two daughters. They live in a small, village type place. Georgekutty spends most of his nights at the office to make sure that the cable service is running smoothly. He loves films and watches lots of films. He is an orphan and not very educated. But he’s very intelligent and worked hard to make a decent life for himself and his family. Just when he was thinking that things are getting only better for them, a terrible event puts the safety of his family and their peaceful life at risk. Georgekutty must use his wits to keep his family out of trouble.

Drishyam is a fantastic film. There is just one caveat, you have to get through the first one hour. The first hour of the film is rather slow. But after the first hour, the story takes a 360 degree turn and becomes very exciting. Just when I had convinced myself that this is just a film about a man, his family and daily routine, the film turned into a thriller that made me sit up in my seat. So please bear with it and manage through the first hour. You will not be bored for a second after that.

Actually the first one hour is essential for the story. We need to understand the character played by Mohanlal, his relationship with his family and his mindset. Also, the slow beginning makes the interval climax all the more exciting.

Mohanlal is the only actor whom I feel I do not have the right to criticize. I think he’s the finest actor in India today and he delivers a flawless performance in this film. I really enjoyed his performance in Drishyam and I liked his avatar of a father who tries his best to protect his family and their welfare. My favorite part about the Georgekutty character is that he loves citing films! He is often giving examples from films and applies films to real life. I do that, so I really liked that trait in the character as it reminds me of myself.

The story of the film, written by Jeethu Joseph is fantastic, especially the second half. The pieces of the story were delivered so correctly that the film really became truly thrilling. Even though we see the story through the eyes of Georgekutty, we also don’t understand everything he’s doing, at least not till later. That creates a nice curiousity that a good thriller must have. I think Drishyam is the best thriller I have seen of late.

The music in the film does not have a front seat, but it’s good and it was used very appropriately. I love Nizhale. The lyrics and melody are great and it was picturized perfectly in the film. The songs are part of the story and intensify the feelings.

I usually recommend a film or don’t, but this is the first time I’m requesting my readers to watch a film. Please watch Drishyam! You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve read that Venkatesh remade the film in Telugu. I like Venkatesh but there is no way that Venkatesh can impress us with his performance after Mohanlal.


4 thoughts on “Drishyam Review

  1. A great review of an excellent film! Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when it was categorized as a “thriller” but it truly lives up to its genre. The fact that Mohanlal plays a movie buff in the film immediately resonated with me as well, and the acting by both Meena and Mohanlal was amazing. I also really like that it indirectly relates to gender issues plaguing women and girls in India today without overly dramatizing it as was done in Gulaab Gang.

    • Thank you. I agree with you. The first hour of the film is deceiving, it makes one wonder “is this really a thriller?,” but I think that was a smart move by the filmmaker because the audience gets a nice surprise later.

  2. Great review for an amazing movie !
    Was not a great fan of Mohanlal but he’s really impressive, as the rest of the cast.
    Script is so gripping.
    Remakes are in the pipe, but I doubt they will be as good as this one.

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