Manam Review

Manam is a Telugu drama starring  Nageswara Rao, NagarjunaNaga Chaitanya , Shriya Saran and Samantha. It’s difficult to describe the topic of this film. Let’s just say that it’s about reincarnation and love. The film shows us three generations and how they’re related to one another through past lives. The film is also about family, parents, children and the love between them.

Manam is an entertaining film. I do think that it was a little over-rated by critics. My expectations were raised fairly high with all of the reviews and praises. I don’t think that it was as good as the critics claimed, but it is definitely an entertaining film that’s worth watching once.

This is a film produced by the Akkineni family and they are the cast of the film. It’s a film that they made for themselves, sort of like a family memory that they will want to keep and pass on to their children.

It was interesting and funny how the Akkineni men gave each other their names and became each other’s father in the film. It’s definitely a unique concept. What I loved about the film was the love story that was performed by Nagarjuna and Shriya Saran. It made me cry. I hadn’t seen such a beautiful and yet simple love story in a long time.

What I disliked about the film is that for those who don’t believe in reincarnation, the impact of the story is reduced. The story was interesting in parts, but very unrealistic in others. The idea of reuniting with deceased parents and to have more time with them is beautiful. This must be a desire of everyone who has lost their loved ones. The idea of bringing together one’s parents romantically is interesting too, albeit not entirely original.

The positive aspects of the film are the unique and detailed screenplay and the performances by the actors. It’s obvious that a great deal of thought and time was put into this project and the film was made with a great deal of love. I loved how the different stories were tied in together so effectively.

A lot of things could have gone wrong when applying such a complex and detailed script. So I think that the director has done a fantastic job pulling all the pieces together and making sure that nothing was missed along the way. All the actors did well but particularly Nargarjuna’s performance stood out and I think he has performed flawlessly. The three generations of actors really complemented one another in terms of their performances.

I really enjoyed Samantha’s performance and I loved how despite being a young girl, she behaved like any other mother when she was around Nagarjuna. Like how she talked about him non-stop, worried about him, fed him. It was such an interesting idea and character portrayal.

I’m also very happy to see Shriya on screen once again. It has been years since I saw her in a film and I realized that I missed her so much. She is as beautiful as ever and a wonderful performer and she did full justice to her character. I hope she signs more films soon.

I recommend this film, if nothing else, for the beautiful love story of a poor villager and a wealthy man, played by Shriya Saran and Nagarjuna respectively. That story is what has remained with me and has impressed me the most about the film. The film is worth watching for the romantic angle and the uniqueness of the script.

By the way, did you guys know that Amitabh Bachchan has a cameo in this film? I think it’s kind of cool that they got him to do it.

2 thoughts on “Manam Review

  1. Burcin,

    Good review. I think even for people who believe in reincarnation, there was too much reincarnation and coincidence going on in the movie. However I like the movie for the actors their performances, amazing locales ( for a change everything in India) , music And direction.

    • So you too felt overwhelmed with so much reincarnation! This is already a theme that is overdone in Indian movies. Perhaps if they had stuck to just one story, it would have been better. I loved that story played by Nagarjuna and Sriya. It was wonderful, especially the scene at the marriage alter. It was very touching. I would have actually preferred for the whole movie to be about that. And the ending felt too rushed. How did Nagarjuna’s parents get together so easily? How do these characters remember past lives like that? There were quite a few illogical bits. But I guess the performances and the great effort put forward by the whole team made up for those shortcomings.

      And yes, I did not even pay attention to the locales. But it’s not surprising because Indian locales are in now and I completely support that. As for the music, I can’t even remember what the songs were like. That’s actually good and bad at the same time. I’ll have to watch it again sometime and play closer attention.

      Any recent film recommendations Satish? Anything that is a must watch?

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