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Is Indian comedy getting worse and worse or is it just me? Whatever happened to films like Andaz Apna Apna and Hera Pheri? Heck, I’ll even take a Welcome or a Housefull. Or give me a film like Aage Se Right, Paying Guests, Golmaal 2 or Teen Thay Bhai. Recent comedy releases have been highly disappointing. After a film like Humshakals, which is possibly the worst comedy in the history of Indian cinema, it’s rather difficult to make a worse film. And I’m not saying that Its Entertainment is as bad. It had some funny moments. But there is just nothing new in this film. It’s the same type of jokes and the same loud Akshay Kumar overacting in every scene. When did Akshay come to the conclusion that being funny means being angry and yelling a lot? I watch comedy films to de-stress, not get a headache. I know he is good with comedy and has a good comedic timing, but he needs to try a different approach.

The only positive aspects of Its Entertainment are the dogs and the great message the film gives about pets. When they said on Comedy Nights with Kapil that the dog is the hero of the film, I thought they were joking. But it’s true. The dog is the hero of this film and he is the only thing that makes it watchable.

The other thing I will give to the film is the music, or more specifically, the song “Johnny Johnny.” It’s such a peppy, fun song and the newest addition to my playlist.

As for Tamannah, again I’m disappointed with her movie choice and if she signs another comedy film, I might just scream. One interesting thing was I think she dubbed her own voice in this film. Since I have seen so many of her Telugu films where her voice was always dubbed by a dubbing artist, I had a mini heart attack when I heard her real voice. I felt like it wasn’t her voice but someone else’s! It’s going to take me a while to get used to it. I still think she should give up on Bollywood and return to Tollywood where she was making far better films.

Seeing the fate of actresses who move to the Bollywood film industry from a South film industry, I wonder if North cinema is more progressive in terms of women roles? Or is it just that these actresses don’t mind or even prefer to do flowerpot roles? There are meaty women roles in many South films as well. Actresses who are originally from the North but who act in the South industries seem to mainly do these roles where they are just eye candy. I guess the only exception to that might be Charmy who never does flowerpot roles.

What I don’t understand is after spending 5-10 years in the South film industries doing mostly insignificant roles, why do these girls want to continue doing the same when they’ve made an entry into Hindi films? I thought that Ileana was going to break that trend with Barfi, but seeing her consequent Hindi films, it doesn’t seem so. I guess I’m disappointed because I consider these girls talented and I think they can do so much more if they want to. I want to see actresses reaching new heights and showing the cinema world that women are no less than men when it comes to acting. I want to see more Vidya Balans and Kangana Ranauts. It’s okay to do some flowerpot roles, do them if you need to. But after about five years in films, I think it’s time to move beyond those roles. If not for the audience, then for yourself and your individual and personal growth as an actor.

Now that I got the lecture out of the way, I’ll conclude by saying that Its Entertainment is watchable if you enjoy being served the same old “dal chawal” so to speak, when it comes to the comedy genre. I only recommend this film for dog lovers. 😀

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