Law Point Review


Law Point is a Malayalam drama thriller starring Kunchacko Boban and Namitha Pramod.

The film’s opening scene is of a girl who commits suicide by slitting her wrist. We see her being treated and being returned to life after her heart had stopped.

Sathya (Kunchacko) is a lawyer who defends clients like rapists and murderers. He is just a money minded lawyer who doesn’t care whether his client is honest or not. He just does his job and finds a way to save them from a case. The case of the girl who had committed suicide is brought to Sathya. The girl is revealed to us as Maya (Namitha). Maya apparently committed suicide because of a tiff with her boyfriend. So Maya and her father have filed a case against the boyfriend. And it’s the boyfriend’s father who has hired Sathya to bring a closure to the case if possible. So Sathya, who wants to convince Maya to take some money and withdraw the case, visits her at her house. He immediately understands that she is a very intelligent and adamant girl but does not give up. With the permission of Maya’s father, Sathya takes her on a long drive to talk with her and find a way to convince her to withdraw the case.


I don’t think that Law Point is much of a drama or a thriller. It does have suspense elements. Or to clarify, it leaves us vague and wondering about a few points. The film also convinces us of things and later reveals that they were false. But the story and the way the film was made doesn’t have the qualities we are used to seeing in a thriller. There is no action, no extravagance. It’s a very simple story and it’s more about getting to know the characters than anything else. Even the music is very easy going. There is really nothing dramatic or intensely shocking about this film. I’m not sure which other categories would suit it, but thriller and drama are certainly not it.

That being said, I did enjoy the movie. I loved the performance of Namitha. She has a very star like quality to her. She suits the big screen wonderfully and it was a joy to watch her. Her facial mimicry is very good and she speaks with her eyes. I liked Kunchacko’s performance as well. I just didn’t like the character he was playing. In one early scene of the film, Sathya’s friend tells him that there is another court, the court of God, where he will have to answer for defending rapists. He says that Sathya’s skills as a lawyer are only admired in this world, they won’t be admired in the next. I completely agree with this. But as an actor, Kunchacko did satisfy what the role required of him.

There is a scene when Sathya walks in Maya’s room to meet her for the first time. Right before that, there is a shot of Maya where we see hear smiling and loosening her hair. At that moment, I sat there wondering, “does this look like a girl who just committed suicide? She is not depressed at all.” There were a few other moments in the film when I felt this way about Maya — how she wasn’t really acting in character. But it turns out that it’s all a pre-planned part of the scenario. And you’ll have to watch the last scene of the film to understand why.

I think that Law Point is a very well made film because the realities of the situation are kept under covers until the very end. I can’t say that I experienced a rush when I finally understood what had happened. But I was certainly not bored. I also enjoyed the homely ambiance of the film. That long drive, the short visit of Maya and  Sathya at an old couple’s home that they met on the way. Maya’s lie to them that Maya and Sathya are married and her hint that Sathya has erectile dysfunction. It was so funny.

This is the type of film that’s fun to watch when one wants an easy-going film without a lot of action. It’s a film that doesn’t tire the viewer. The scenery is pleasant and it’s also interesting. I recommend it. Just don’t expect it to be a usual thriller.

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