Youngistaan Review

Youngistaan is a romantic-political film starring Jackky Bhagnani and Neha Sharma. Abhimanyu’s (Jackky) father is the prime minister of India. Abhimanyu lives in Japan with his girlfriend Anwita (Neha). When his father dies, he becomes Prime Minister until the next elections.

The problem with Youngistaan is that Mr. Prime Minister has to take a break from ruling the country every couple of hours to romance his spoiled girlfriend. Just as we dove into the more interesting part of the story, we had to take a break every now and then to watch the hero and heroine hug and sing songs.

I genuinely believe that in order for a film to work, a film has to have a single main concept, and it must follow through with that till the end. Youngistaan is like a lego-man’s castle. It claims to be the real thing, but it’s just the toy version.

It’s a great idea to make a film about young people and how important it is for them to be present in politics and represent the interest of young Indians. It’s also a nice idea to show that young Indians are up for the challenge and can take on big responsibilities. They can even run the country, and they can do it much better than others.

If one has decided to make a film like this with a socio-political message, than one must also understand that it’s important to play down other themes in the film. Otherwise, the story becomes muddy, what needs to be highlighted takes a back seat. And the writer and director give the impression that they didn’t develop the screenplay enough and inserted Romantic Scene #1, Song #1, Romantic Scene #2, Song #2, just to fill in those spots and reach the allotted running time.

It was fine to show the relationship angle in the beginning, it was not necessary to show a young Prime Minister doting on his girlfriend and running behind her every whim.

I also dislike that the filmmakers’ idea that modern and progressive means not getting married, living together and having children out of wedlock. That is certainly not the definition of progressive, not by my definition. So I did not understand the persistence in this film to show young people as being apathetic towards marriage and committment. Or the characters’ deviant and childish attitude of refusing marriage to prove their non-conformity to cultural expectations. There are battles worth fighting for and that certainly did not seem to be the right one in this film.

If only they had concentrated more on what this young Prime Minister could do to change things around in India. Yes, they showed some of that, whenever the Prime Minister had time from romancing his girlfriend. But it was not satisfactory and did not seem to be researched well enough.

I had seen Jackky Bhagnani’s debut film, Kal Kisne Dekha Hai and he wasn’t very impressive in it. I think he has improved in this film. I was expecting a poor performance from him but he was not bad at all. Neha is very beautiful and not a bad actress. It was just her character in the script that was annoying.

This film is not unwatchable if you’re okay with the romantic angle being forefront.


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