Kick Review

Kick is the remake of the Telugu film Kick. But apparently, the screenplay was handed over to Chetan Bhagat who made some changes/additions. I haven’t seen the original film so I’m not sure how different the Hindi remake is from the original.

The film is about Salman’s character who can’t do anything unless he gets a kick out of it. So he’s always looking for new adventures.

I actually don’t have too much to say about this film. I wasn’t too excited when I heard that it was a remake of another South film. But the trailer changed my mind because it was mindblowing. It didn’t seem like a South Indian film at all and that’s when I learned of the changes to the screenplay.

Unfortunately for me, the film did not live up to the trailer. I can’t deny that the action scenes were very good. They were top-notch and Salman was impessive in them. He also seemed to do some acting, which he hasn’t really done in a long time, so that was good. Salman is physically in top shape and quite handsome in the film. Can I just request one of his assistants to hand him a chapstick during shootings? His cracked lips were very distracting in close-ups.

What I disliked about Kick was the story which seemed too cut up. I could actually see that several stories were combined and mended together. The first hour seemed to belong to a different story. And what happened to Shaina at the end of the film? Her character had an important role in the beginning of the film, but in the end, she just disappeared. It was strange.

Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui were very good, although after Highway, I couldn’t digest watching Randeep Hooda as a “less-inteligent-than-Salman” policeman. This is what happens in masala films. The really good actors get side kick roles when the actor who doesn’t act so much gets the lead role.

Anyway, Kick is a decent action film. Salman fans will enjoy it. Others will enjoy bits and parts. I suggest not expecting too much from the story. Just enjoy the action, locales and songs.


2 thoughts on “Kick Review

  1. Please review Prasthanam and Run Raja Run. Please review these films. Both are telugu films. And the actor probably the best actor after venkatesh, his name is sharwanand.

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