Lessons from 7aum Arivu

Here are some lessons from the Surya starer Tamil film 7aum Arivu (7th sense).

  1. Tamilians taught the Chinese martial arts and medicine. They were helpless, incompetent people before a Tamilian Buddhist monk introduced these to the Chinese.
  2. Chinese are ungrateful people who like to stab their friends in the back.
  3. The talents of our ancestors are in our DNA and can be activated by injecting random stuff into our spine and spending some time under water.
  4. A Tamilian never feels cold, even in the mountainous areas of China. He can hang out sleeveless even there.
  5. Some Tamilians like to speak Tamil, but other Tamilians don’t let them.
  6. You can make anyone do anything with hypnotism. Don’t look into the evil Chinese man’s eyes.
  7. The evil Chinese man can think of hypnotizing everyone except the heroine.
  8. Bodhidharma is so great that he doesn’t mind dying to make some Chinese people happy.
  9. A few genetics students have all of the knowledge, expertise and equipment needed to carry out a serious and risky genetic study on a live human being.
  10. 3rd Century Tamilians were far better scientists than NASA scientists today.
  11. It’s possible to preserve a virus for 1800 years.
  12. If a government hires someone for a secret operation, they will send a payment receipt through email.
  13. Tamilians are awesome, everyone else sucks. Oh except that they forget their own history, feel ashamed to speak their own language and look up to the West in all matters of science.

This is purely in good humor, I mean no disrespect to Tamilians or Tamilian history/culture.

These are the messages given by this film!


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