Bangalore Days Review

Bangalore Days is a Malayalam film starring Dulquer Salmaan, Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim, Fahadh Faasil, Isha TalwarParvathy and Nithya Menen.

It’s categorized as a romantic drama but I think that it’s more of a coming-of-age drama because we see the characters accomplish certain things and find who they are in this story. The film is about three friends who are also cousins — played by Dulquer, Nazriya and Nivin. The story revolves around these characters who are actually fairly distinct from one another in terms of personality. But they complete one another and find solace in one another as they face their share of challenges in their personal lives. These three actors had impeccable chemistry in this film which truly formed the backbone of the story.

I also enjoyed how the writer and director Anjali Menon chose to tell the story. We can say that the film has various tracks that merge together towards the end. We see the relationship between the three cousins, what they mean to one another and then we see the individual lives of the three characters, their equation with family members or loved ones. We see how they pull through and transform, for the better, at the end of the film.

I liked that the film reminds us that each individual goes through their own share of challenges, and each have a unique experience and story to tell. But at the end of the day, regardless of where one is in life, we all need friends to add some joy and happiness to our life. So even though Arjun, Kuttan and Divya have distinctive troubles in life that they need to solve on their own, the strength and courage they receive from one another is important. For each character, the presence of the other two is enough. Knowing that they are there, helps them get through the difficulties.

I think that all three leads were fantastic. This is by far, the best performance of Dulquer I have seen. Nazriya was also very good and comfortable in her role. The story is shown through Nivin’s character’s eyes and I think he added a lot to the story with his characterization and performance. Parvathy Menon is brilliant. I saw her in the Tamil film Mariyaan, alongside Dhanush, and she was just superb in that film. I could hardly recognize her in this film because of her haircut and different look with glasses. She did a great job with an unconventional role. She plays an RJ with a disability and she was so charming in this character. What a talented and versatile actress! She is not a newcomer but I’m just getting to know her and I’m so very impressed. I’d like to see her as a lead in a woman-centric film. I think she has the capacity to carry a film on her shoulders much along the lines of Vidya and Kangana. The chemistry between Parvathy and Dulquer was also very good.

As for Fahadh, this is only the second film I saw him in so I don’t have the most objective opinion of him as an actor. Having said that, I don’t think that he’s very suitable for these “attractive” “irresistible” characters. In the film Diamond Necklace, Fahadh’s character was supposed to be a charismatic man that women could not resist. Fahadh’s character has a similar avatar in this film. He’s supposed to be handsome, charismatic, (and as we find out later) adventurous too. I can’t quite see how Fahadh fits this type of role. Fahadh and Nazriya’s marriage took place recently. But I didn’t see much chemistry between them in this film which actually suited the story in the beginning of the story. But that chemistry should have developed towards the end.

Overall, I do recommend this film. I think the bond between the three cousins, the performance of the three leads and the performance of Parvathy makes this film worthwhile.


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