Filmy Talks: Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Script


Being the film geek that I am, I asked Mr. Arif Ali if he would mind me taking a look at the script of Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. I enjoyed the film and I like reading scripts to see how the transformation from script to film took place. Mr. Ali is a very nice, down-to-earth person and sent the script to me. He doesn’t mind me sharing it, so here it is for the first time on the net, the full script of Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. (It can also be found on the Genres & Scripts page.)

The script is almost exactly the same as the film. A few small changes were made. I saw some differences in a few of the scenes and the dialogues. Some bits were edited but I think for the better. Do you guys remember the real life characters at the end of the film talking about their marriages? These are actually characters in the script and Arif Ali had initially envisioned a whole series of TV interview scenes of married couples being shown throughout the film. They were supposed to unfold in segments as the events took place. But those were either removed from the script or edited out later. And just that small bit was retained for the very end. (So those people are actually actors?!) I think that this was a wise decision because it would have dragged out the story and the audience would have lost interest.

Another scene I saw edited for the better was the scene when Dino and Karishma have to stay in that grungy, dirty hotel and Karishma talks about seeing the difference between fairytale and reality. In the beginning of that scene Dino was supposed to be coming on to Karishma once again. That part was cut out and I am so happy that it was. Because that scene had to be more serious and we had to start seeing Dino in a different light than the guy that just wants to get laid. This is the point in the film when the characters really start to regret their decision to run away. So the changes in the editing room worked out perfectly.

If you’re interested in film scripts or just really liked the film, definitely take a look at the script.


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