Happy Ending Review: Same Film In A New Package

Happy Ending is a romantic comedy starring Saif Ali Khan and Ileana D’Cruz. Kareena Kapoor has a special appearance and Preity Zinta has an extended appearance. Govinda has a small but great role and so does Kalki Koechlin. The film was produced under Saif’s banner Illuminati.

Happy Ending is about Yogi, a writer that hit a downfall after a successful book. He is a serial dater whose relationships end as soon as the girls pronounce “I love you.” Yogi is afraid of commitment and can never reply back. He then meets Aanchal, the writer of the current bestselling book of Yogi’s publisher. Aanchal is just like Yogi, she doesn’t believe in love or commitment. The two hit it off quite well, but then Aanchal has to return to India. The rest of the story is very predictable.

Happy Ending follows the same route as Saif’s previous rom-coms Love Aaj Kal and Cocktail. It’s basically the same film in a new package, Saif plays the same exact character in each one. In every story, Saif’s character is a romeo who doesn’t like commitment and prefers to move on from one woman to another. But then comes along a beauty that changes his mind, makes him fall head over heels and change for the better. This storyline worked in Love Aaj Kal. It even worked for Cocktail but somehow Happy Ending turned out less entertaining than both. The only saving grace of the film were the brief but fantastic presences of Kareena, Preity and Govinda. Govinda’s scenes were the only truly entertaining ones. I wished we could have seen more of him. He was excellent in his role, a breath of fresh air. It was lovely to see Preity on screen again and the on-screen chemistry that Preity and Saif shared in Salaam Namaste is still there. They look great together on screen. Kareena had a very, very brief appearance but managed to steal hearts in those few minutes with her charming act and oh so adorable facial expressions.

In the very first scene of the film, we see Kareena and real life beau Saif in the cinema, watching none other than Love Aaj Kal. That was an excellent intro. The film gave a very good vibe in the beginning. But the story unraveled far too slowly and it was way too predictable. I seriously did not think that Saif Ali Khan would try to pull off basically the same script for the third time but he did. The film became more and more boring in the second half. I think that Ileana actually did a very good job in this film but the chemistry between Saif and Ileana was not as good as I had expected.

There was also a strange character in the film. A different version of Yogi, a fat Saif Ali Khan with a huge beard and large glasses that constantly eats, whom Yogi chats with when no one is around. This guy gives Yogi advice, helps him make decisions. The fact that this character only appears when Yogi is alone in his apartment makes me think it’s his imagination. So he was hallucinating? Was Yogi mentally ill? Or was that just the representation of his logical mind? I did not understand this character in the film at all. They tried to make it all look normal but it was strange.

I wonder what would have happened if Happy Ending had been a mature love story starring Saif and Preity? It would have probably done better at the box office. Let’s just cross our fingers that poor ratings and poor performance will stop Saif from remaking the same story for the fourth time.


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