Jilla Review: A Treat For Fans

Jilla is a Tamil action drama starring Mohanlal, Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal.

The film is about a goon, Shivan (Mohanlal) and a boy, Shakti (Vijay). Shakti’s father was Shivan’s driver and was killed by a police officer who was attempting to kill Shivan. Shakti helped save Shivan’s wife who was pregnant. In one incident after Shakti was orphaned, he protected Shivan. Shivan became impressed by the courage and loyalty of Shakti and raised him as his own son. Shakti became the strength of Shivan, now his father, and helped him with everything as he grew up. Circumstances arose in which policemen started giving trouble to Shivan. In order to control police, Shivan asks Shakti to become a police officer. Shakti hates policemen but cannot say no to his father. However, soon after becoming a policeman, Shakti starts seeing the consequences of his father’s activities. He decides to be a real police officer and opposes his father. The rest of the story is about the struggle between father and son. Will Shakti manage to change his father? Will the father and son ever come together again?

It’s not every day that we see two immensely popular and charismatic actors on screen. Their chemistry is so beautiful in this film that despite the few mishaps in the story line and direction, we are left in awe of their on-screen presence. I wasn’t sure if the performance of either Mohanlal or Vijay would over-shadow the other’s, but that did not happen. They have great compatibility in Jilla and it is obvious throughout the film that there is a warm, affectionate relationship between these two individuals.

I was not too impressed with some of the scenes in the first half of the film. In the first half, it does appear as though there is a promotion of rowdyism and violence because the leading actors are goons after all. There was also a scene with Vijay and Kajal in which they basically physically harass one another. I found that scene terribly distasteful. In a country where sexual harassment is already a problem, I hardly think people need to see their favorite actor doing it on screen. I wish they had edited that scene out.

Thankfully, the abrupt change in the direction of the second hour and the beautiful relationship between father and son made up for these few distasteful moments in the film. In the second half, we see Vijay and Mohanlal in avatars we want to see them in — standing up for justice and eliminating evil. This doesn’t take away from the fact that both actors, and especially Mohanlal, gave full justice to their goon avatars. Kajal also had a satisfactory performance.

Overall, Jilla is an entertaining film that keeps the viewer engaged throughout and weaves action and drama with family sentiments and ideals in good balance.

I’ve read that Chiranjeevi will remake this film in Telugu. He will play Mohanlal’s role and his son Ram Charan will play Vijay’s role. I think that’s a great idea. Jilla could have done better at the box office but I’m sure that this story line will do very well in the Telugu industry. And if Chiranjeevi and Cherry are taking on these roles, it would surely be a super-hit.


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