Entertaining Dialogues of R…Rajkumar

R…Rajkumar was an entertaining watch. It was one of the few South style Bollywood films I actually enjoyed. Shahid and Sonakshi surprised me with their on-screen chemisty. I didn’t like Shahid doing South style dancing though. It just looks better when Allu Arjun, Ram Charan or Jr. NTR does it. What I was impressed by was the catchy, funny and entertaining dialogues of the film.

“Silent ho jao warna main violent ho jayega.”  (Be silent, or I’ll be violent).

“Main sihhat ke liye bohat hanikarak hoon.”  (I’m very dangerous for health.)

“Height, weight, color se pyaar nahi hota hai, pyar idhar se hota hai, dil se.” (Love doesn’t happen from height, weight, color, it happens from here, from the heart.”

“Gusse se bolegi, nahi jaoonga. Pyaar se bolegi, marjaoonga.” (If you say it angrily, I won’t go. If you say it with love, I will die.)

“Tera problem pyaar, mera problem haar”  (Your problem is love, my problem is losing.)

“Shaadi meri, main nachoonga. Tu kyun nach rahi hai?” (It’s my wedding, I’ll dance. Why are you dancing?)

“Apne matlab ke liye tum bare log ek hosakta hai, toh hum jaise log bhi ek ho sakta hai. Dosti ke liye.” (You big people can become one for your ends, then people like us can be one too. For friendship.)

“Dard hua? Pyaar hua.” (Pain happened? [i.e. Did it hurt?] Love happened.)

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