Must Watch Indian Films of 2014

Soon we will be entering the new year. Let’s look back at the most memorable films of 2014.

Unfortunately, 2014 hasn’t been a great year for Bollywood. There were only a handful of excellent films. The nice surprise was that a great many of these films were women-centric which reflects not only the women-empowerment movements in India but also a sign that women have entered a new stage in Indian cinema. Women not only carry whole films on their shoulders but their films also do well at the box office. Here are the best of 2014.



A brilliant performance by Kangana, Queen shows the transformation of a repressed girl into an empowered, confident woman. Queen is about finding oneself and going beyond the limitations that are imposed by ourselves and society. Inspiring yet never preachy, Queen both entertained us and taught us a lesson. We’re expecting Kangana to win accolades at awards for this one.

Haider Poster.jpg


Haider made a quiet arrival onto the cinema screen and then took the country by storm. With an amazing cast and powerful performances, Vishal Bhardwaj made a most memorable Hamlet adaptation. Shahid Kapoor took us by surprise with an excellent performance and dialogue delivery. Tabu hypnotized with her presence.The film had a compelling setting in Kashmir in the mid 90s.

Highway Hindi Film Poster.jpg


Highway released early in the year but its impact has still not ended. A beautiful story about healing and finding courage, Highway taught us to see beyond people’s appearances and search for happiness wherever it may be. Alia Bhatt gave a powerful performance in only her second film and Randeep Hooda showed us once again what a brilliant and natural actor he is. Highway is perhaps the best film of Imtiaz Ali.

In comparison to Bollywood, regional cinema has been a notch or two better. There were numerous excellent films released in the South industries, especially Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil. Here are the ones you should not miss.

1 Nenokkadine film poster.jpg

1: Nenokkadine 

A rare genre for Telugu cinema, 1: Nenokkadine is a psychological thriller in which reality and dream mix. Mahesh Babu put
forward an outstanding performance of a man who listens to his heart to find the truth despite everyone opposing him. An action entertainer on the outside, 1: Nenokkadine is also a film about a child in search of his family and his memories. Kriti Sanon made a memorable debut with her charming presence. Thrilling and entertaining, this film ought not be missed.

Manam poster.jpg


A mash-up of love stories threaded with the theme of reincarnation, Manam is an interesting take on family and bonds. Made in a style of ‘back to the future,’ Manam gives us an entertaining look into what it would be like to meet the younger versions of our parents. Manam is worth watching for the three generational presence of the Akkineni family and particularly for the performances of Nagarjuna and Shriya Saran.

How Old Are You

How Old Are You is a fantastic Malayalam film along the lines of English Vinglish and Queen. It’s about a 36 year old woman rediscovering herself and stopping her concessions to family and society to follow her ideals and succeed. It’s a beautiful and entertaining film about self-realization and it also has an important social message. If you enjoyed Queen, make sure you catch this film.

Another must watch Malayalam film, Ohm Shanthi Oshaana is about a Christian girl falling head over heels with a Hindu farmer. Both sweet and entertaining, Nazriya Nazim’s charm, Nivin Pauly’s looks and the entertaining story telling keeps one entertained throughout.


2 thoughts on “Must Watch Indian Films of 2014

  1. Hi, Thx for this recommendations, specially for Manam and How Old Are You. I will watch both soon as the plots seem interesting.

    Sadly I haven’t seen lot of indian movies this year.

    2 States : good for me, Alia excellent.
    Drishyam : Thanks to you 😉 A great movie !
    Shahid 2013 : very good
    Ethir Neechal 2013 : good
    Highway : very good
    Race 2 (2013) : just for Anil and Deepika

    But I will try to watch some ones before end of year (HNY, Haider, 1983, Raja Rani, Madras, and others).

    • Don’t worry, you haven’t missed much. Like I said, 2014 hasn’t been too great for Bollywood. If you see the ones on this list, you’re pretty much covered. Basically only PK (Aamir Khan, Anushka film) is remaining this year. It may be added to this list.

      Race 2 was just awful in my opinion. 2 States was good, just not as memorable as Highway. I’ve not seen Shahid though I know it has rave reviews. I’ll watch it when I’m in the mood for something serious. I hadn’t heard of Ethir Neechal, will look it up.

      Manam is entertaining and interesting. Just prepare yourself for a lot of reincarnation because there’s a lot of it. That was the only minus point of the film for me. But I loved the story played by Nagarjuna and Sriya, it’s toward the middle of the film.

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