Rules for Introducing the Hero in Telugu Films


The first song in a Telugu mass entertainer should praise the hero as much as possible. Like in the Racha title song — he’s electrifying, he’s sexy, he’s spotless in character.

If you’re planning on making a Telugu mass action entertainer, make sure that you follow the rules for the hero’s introduction. This is a must-have in any large-budget Telugu action film with a popular hero (preferably a family member of Chiranjeevi.)

There is always an introductory scene for the hero in Telugu mass entertainers. One of the senior male actors of the film usually introduces the hero, although it could also be a family member, friend or the villain. Regardless of who is doing the introduction, the character must be in a tough situation, helpless and the hero must be the only one who can save him.

The introduction is a brief commentary on the hero’s amazing qualities. In between the description, the film will cut to the hero in segments. These segments will start with one body part like the eyes and then show the hero completely while usually walking stylishly or doing some kind of stunt. The introduction is followed by a song where the hero dances (and occasionally beats people) and the crowd cheers him on, praising him, his strength, his charisma, his looks and greatness.

These are the rules for introduction:

Compare the hero to a missile, bullet, bomb (or any other deadly weapon)
Comment on the hero’s height, eyes or other attractive physical characteristics



Police commissioner in Dookudu:

“He’ll come like a missile to weed out the criminals. Death stands six feet tall before him!”


Grandfather in Attharintiki Daaredi:

“Hey, bullet is just a half inch! But it kills a six foot man. How would it be if the bullet is six foot tall? My grandson Gautam Nanda would be like that!”

Racha Latest Stills HQ 10

Friend in Racha:

“If he takes a step, he’s Audi, if he shows up he’s 3D, his walk has a style, there’s always a smile on his face, there’s craze in his eyes, there’s a terrific body under his shirt!”

Lawyer in Racha:

“I needed a man before she becomes 18. That’s why — sharpness of a knife, power of a bullet, explosiveness of a bomb — I saw all these characters in a boy.”

Finally, if you REALLY want your film to be a super-hit, make a tribute to Chiranjeevi or Pawan Kalyan in your film. Emphasize that no one can beat them and that they are the best.

And there you go, this is the formula for a super blockbuster Telugu mass entertainer!

Don’t forget to thank me in your ‘best film’ award acceptance speech. Or you can just thank Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. That will be even better for your next film.

3 thoughts on “Rules for Introducing the Hero in Telugu Films

  1. Lol, this is so true. When I first read the title, I thought this would be about how introduce a new hero to the Telugu Film Industry (you should make a post about that). If you need some ideas, you can use Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej who are both debuting this year (both are Chiranjeevi’s nephews) or you can use the hero of Alludu Seenu (I’m pretty sure that his dad is a big producer). Also I think that only the family members really make references to Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan (especially Ram Charan but on the other hand I don’t really see these kinds of things in Bunny’s movies). But heroes from film families to make references to their family members. For example, Jr.NTR movies have references to his grandfather and some of Mahesh Babu’s movies have references to his dad. The only real exception that I’ve seen is Nithin having something to do with Pawan Kalyan since Ishq (he once said that Pawan Kalyan inspired him to become an actor and that he didn’t have any interest before that even though his dad was a film producer.

    • Allu Arjun does make tributes to Chiranjeevi. The best example is in Iddarammayilatho. There is a Chiranjeevi songs mashup like Shankar Dada song. And then Allu Arjun says something like “no matter what anyone says, boss is the best.” Pawan Kalyan does too like in Attharintiki Daaredi, they are watching taxi driver scenes from old films and Pawan’s character likes a scene from Chiranjeevi’s film and says he’s doing it well. Ram Charan does the most though. Ram Charan’s films are like whole tributes to his father. The one thing with Allu is that he also sometimes makes tributes to other actors. There was a small tribute to Venkatesh in Vedam when Allu’s character says that all the ladies will be home because there is a Venkatesh film on TV. He might not have anything to do with that dialogue though, could just be the script.

      I didn’t know Chiranjeevi’s nephews are entering the industry! I guess we better get ready for lots more Chiranjeevi tributes! But I think Chiranjeevi himself is going to make that Jilla remake with Cherry. So that will definitely overshadow everything else and give the fans what they really want. I think if Chiranjeevi started making films again, no one would bother with his kids’ films. They want the man himself so when he’s not around, they make do with his children and nephews although Cherry has got an exclusive fan base now after Magadheera.

      I saw Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde the other day and Nitin made so many tributes to Pawan Kalyan. The film starts off with a thank you to Pawan Kalyan, and then his picture is there on the cafe wall in one scene. And in another scene Nitin is watching Pawan Kalyan’s film “Kushi” on his laptop. I didn’t understand why Nitin likes him so much, thanks for explaining that. I don’t get why Nitin isn’t a bigger star considering that he’s talented and good looking. If he’s also got an industry connection, why isn’t he as big as Allu Arjun?

      I tease the Chiranjeevi family a lot but nepotism and favoritism isn’t exclusive to them as you said. Like how the Akkineni family introduced the younger son Akhil at the end of Manam who I guess will make a debut soon. And like you said, Jr. NTR, he can’t make a film without a tribute to NTR. But Jr. NTR actually needs this for his films to do well because he isn’t as handsome and charismatic as the others. (Even though I believe that Jr. NTR is a better actor than Cherry and a brilliant dancer.)

      Mahesh Babu is an insider too? I thought he was from outside the industry.

      • About Allu Arjun, the Iddarammayilatho songs mashup thing is true, I forgot about that but I was mostly comparing him to Ram Charan who like you said always has so many tributes to his dad (most of his movies have a remixed songs like Bangaru Kodipetta). Yes, his nephews are entering. Sai Dharam Tej’s debut movie came out in November but I haven’t seen it and the other one, Varun Tej’s debut called Mukunda is coming out in December. I don’t know about the Jilla remake thing, the most recent news is that the director of the original wants Balakrishna and Jr.NTR to do it together. Chiranjeevi is only looking at scripts again after like 7 years is because he has only done 149 movies so far and lots of fans including many others in the film industry want him to do number 150. He’s been looking at scripts for the 150th movie for about a year now and he’s being careful since he is a politician now so his movie can’t really be something political or with a social message guess.
        About Nithin, his first 2 movies were like huge hits and after that he had like 3 hits in the next 2 years. After that he didn’t have another hit until Ishq which was like 8 years later. So by the time Ishq released no one had any expectations for it and then it re-started Nithin’s career. Another Pawan Kalyan tribute in Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde is the “yemaindho yemo ee vela” song which was remixed from Pawan Kalyan’s Tholi Prema which apparently he used to watch everyday when he was in 12th grade.
        Yes, Mahesh Babu is very much an insider. His dad was a hero from the 1960s to the 1980s and he acted in over 300 films. He was called Super Star Krishna (people started calling Mahesh that since Dookudu) and he was known to introduce cowboy and James Bond style movies to telugu audiences. Mahesh actually acted in some of his dad’s movies as a child actor. Also Mahesh’s older brother and older sister both produce movies. Mahesh Babu acted with his dad in his 3rd movie and ironically the heroine of that movie was Mahesh Babu’s future wife, Namrata Shirodkar.
        I agree with you on the Nepotism in Indian movies in general, I really think that you should make a blog post about that. You could probably find a lot of info on that and also if you email me, I can send you some examples in Telugu movies.

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