Heart Attack Review

Heart Attack is a 2014 romance-action entertainer starring Nithin and Adah Sharma. The film also features Brahmanandam, Ali and Prakash Raj in a small role.

It’s not that Heart Attack isn’t entertaining. I was fairly entertained throughout the film. I enjoyed Nithin and Adah’s performance. It’s just that Heart Attack has taken unrealism in Telugu films to another level.

Get this, Varun, a guy that has no money and sleeps on the streets can afford flights to different European countries and a flight to India. Everyone in Spain speaks Telugu. Everyone in Romania speaks Telugu. And everyone in Goa speaks Telugu. You can find a job on Craigslist in mere minutes. In fact, you can find someone to do your dirty jobs and someone to find your abducted daughter on Craigslist in mere minutes. If you need a job all you have to post on Craigslist is “My name is…. I need a job” and someone will respond soon.

A supporting actor develops paralysis from a few blows to the spinal cord whereas the hero takes many blows to the same areas without anything happening. We used to think that Russian women were often the victims of human trafficiking, that they were abducted and sold to other countries from Russia. It turns out that women in Goa are abducted by human traffickers and sent to Russia instead. And when such women are abducted and drugged in captivity until they are sent to other places, it is important to decorate the place they are staying with many candles to create a romantic ambiance. And if you want to find out more about these criminals, you can use your friend’s girlfriend as bait by sending her on a beach in a bikini and wait for her to be abducted. Oh wait, let’s not forget the biggest one of all, it is apparently possible to kiss non-stop for one hour and forty-three minutes. Although I must say that it was a very creative way to do that kissing scene without the actors actually kissing.

The strange part is that despite all these fairly ridiculous things happening in the film, it just makes everything funnier and more entertaining. Initially, the film had reminded me a little of Iddarammayilatho due to European locales and how the story began. But Heart Attack is better than Iddarammayilatho. And since I have mentioned an Allu Arjun film, can someone tell me, am I right in thinking that Nithin and Allu Arjun perform very similarly? Their dialogue delivery is very, very similar, almost the same. This is actually only the third film of Nithin I have seen. I had seen Sye way back when and was very impressed with Nithin at that time. And then I didn’t get a chance to see his films for a while. I saw Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde recently and now Heart Attack. Meanwhile, I have basically seen every Allu Arjun film and I’m not sure if these two are inspired from one another or who is mimicking who.

In conclusion, Heart Attack is worth a watch if you leave your brain at home and just enjoy. I also like the song “Nuvvante Naaku,” very catchy.


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