Premachi Goshta Review


Premachi Goshta is a 2013 Marathi romance film starring Atul Kulkarni and Sagarika Ghatge.

As soon as I read the plot of this film on wikipedia and the reference to A Midsummer Night’s Deam, I knew I had to see it. And I’m happy to say that the film did not disappoint. The story is about Ram (Atul) and Sonal (Sagarika) who meet accidentally at the marriage counselor’s office as they are both divorcing from their respective partners. They have a short discussion there about their viewpoints on marriage which are exactly the opposite. Ram believes that separation is not a solution to problems and that even if people separate, love will remain. Sonal believes that marriage is a terrible institution and should be avoided completely. Chance has them meet once more when Sonal goes to apply for a job and sees Ram having chai in front of that office. The rest of the story is about how these two slowly fall in love and struggle to understand their emotions and express them.


The most wonderful part about this film is that the characters are fantastic. Both characters were so well developed that it’s as though the writer knew each and every thought and emotion occurring to them. The chemistry between Ram and Sonal, their discussions, their knowing glances are truly delightful to watch. There is also the fact that films and stories are like a character in the film. When Ram and Sonal are unable to understand their emotions, they do so through the stories they write and the characters in those stories are synonymous with them. The film is not really inspired from A Midsummer Night’s Dream but the characters are writing a love story that is similar to Shakespeare’s play and hence it’s mentioned a few times.

Although the second half seemed to drag just a bit, I truly enjoyed this film. It’s easy-going and the characters seem so familiar. The casting for this film is just perfect. Atul Kulkarni literally speaks with his eyes. He has this surprised and lovesick look sometimes that makes the quiet moments and glances in the film deep and emotional. You all know Sagarika right, the girl from Chak De India? The one that reminds us of Kareena Kapoor? She is just fantastic in this film. She performed very naturally and was very impressive.

I highly recommend this film for lovers of the romance genre. I really like the way compatibility and love was portrayed in this film. I also like that it’s about separated/divorced people falling in love as most romance films don’t take this as a topic. Do catch it when you have the chance.


One thought on “Premachi Goshta Review

  1. Did you noticed the similarities between Marathi and Turkish? The structure of sentences, usage of ‘ki’ (in clause form) and words like ‘bak’ (bagh in Marathi). I’m currently learning Turkish and I’m so mesmerized by their similarities.

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