Oosaravelli Review

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Oosaravelli is a 2011 Telugu action film starring Jr. NTR and Tamannah. The film is a revenge story based on a Chinese-French thriller film called “Vengeance.” It is about Tony (Jr. NTR), a goon, who falls in love with Niharika (Tamannah) and has to play games in order to win her over.

Honestly, I did not expect this film to be very good. But Oosaravelli turned out to be a nice surprise, possibly thanks to being a remake of a very successful Asian thriller. The script of the film is interesting. There is a very unexpected plot twist half way through. I cannot tell you too much of the story so as not to spoil the plot twist. But I can assure you that it is very unexpected and adds a whole new insight into the story.

The biggest downside to Oosaravelli is Jr. NTR. I have to admit that Jr. NTR looks quite awful in this film. His uncontrollable curly hair, chubby face and dirty beard didn’t work for this role at all. He is looking better and better though. I found his looks much nicer in his 2013 film Ramayya Vasthavayya for example. But in Oosaravelli, Jr. NTR is not looking his best and that has an unfortunate negative effect on the film. He is just unconvincing as a hero appearance-wise, despite performing his role very well.


Tamannah, on the other hand, was fantastic in this film. Her character is very pivotal to the plot and ties all the threads of the story together from beginning to end. When she’s given the scope to perform, Tamannah truly outdoes herself. She was given a great opportunity in this film and she did not disappoint.

I would also like to mention the excellent cinematography in Oosaravelli. I especially enjoyed the cinematography in the song “Brathakali.” There is a great color play in that song. The background overall is dull and gray and the costumes of Jr. NTR and Tamannah have red accents creating a nice contrast and visual impact. The scenes where Tamannah is shown with a long red dress is breathtaking.


Although Jr. NTR may be a distraction with his awful hair and dress sense, Oosaravelli is worth watching for the gripping story and superb performance by Tamannah. I recommend giving this film a chance. I found myself taken into the story in the first few scenes and my attention did not drift at all throughout.

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One thought on “Oosaravelli Review

  1. Hi Burcin,
    I do have to agree with you that Jr. NTR is not looking very good but this was a decent movie. Incase you didn’t know, until Yamadonga which came out in like 2008 Jr. NTR was FAT. In Yamadonga, he finally started losing weight and he had surgery for his next movie which was Kantri. In my opinion he looked the best in Ramayya Vasthavayya and now he looks amazing in the promos for his newest movie which is Temper. Oosaravelli was a good movie but it came out the same time as Dookudu (my favorite movie of all time) which became the highest grosser in Telugu at the time. By the way since it seems like you haven’t seen many Jr. NTR movies, I would recommend Brindavanam to you. It is has Kajal and Samantha opposite him and it is a good entertainer. You should also watch Baadshah which is a typical Srinu Vaitla (guy who directed Dookudu, Ready etc.) entertainer.

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