Ongole Githa Review

Ongole Githa is a 2013 Telugu masala film starring Ram, Kriti Kharbanda, Prakash Raj and Prabhu. It’s about Dhorababu (Ram) who starts working at a vegetable and later chili market at a young age and becomes successful thanks to his business sense. The market is run by Chairman Adikeshavulu (Prakash Raj) and Dhorababu plans to take over the market.

Ongole Githa is a bloody awful film. It runs for a dreadful two and a half hours. The film obviously wanted to follow the popular revenge-twist screenplay utilized by many Telugu films these days. In this type of revenge film, the writer basically first shows us one image of the hero and his identity. And half-way through the film, he introduces a new image and back-story where we realize that nothing is as it seems and the hero is actually after revenge. Although this type of screenplay has been over-utilized recently by films like Mirchi, Oosaravelli and Ramayya Vasthavaya, it can be very effective. Quite a few films have done well at the box office following this formula. However, poor execution and strange character quirks in Ongole Githa completely ruin it.



The story just runs on and on and on. Many scenes do not make sense and some are even repulsive. Prakash Raj has at least three or four scenes in the film where he is completely naked. They tried to hide his private parts but those scenes were still very inappropriate for a family masala entertainer. I would feel awkward watching it with family. I have no idea how Prakash Raj accepted those scenes.

Although Ram is generally a good performer, even his acting couldn’t save this film and story. The twist in the second half lacked that ‘shock’ element that’s so essential to excite the audience in this kind of storyline. Dialogues and music were average. I did enjoy the performance of Kriti Kharbanda but ridiculous scenes in the second half also ruined the romance equation of the leads. It was only the comedy scenes of Prabhu and Raghu Babu that were worth watching.

I recommend that you avoid Ongole Githa. Save your two and a half hours for a much better film.

3 thoughts on “Ongole Githa Review

      • Haha.. some movies are just really horrible lol, but there are a few good gems in telugu films. If you havn’t yet, you have to watch bahubali! Its a great film, especially if you like fantasy or historical genre. Its been bubbed in hildi, tamil and malayalam as well

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