Lovely Review

Awaiting some exciting Bollywood films this year like Detective Byomkesh Bakshy (April), Bombay Velvet (May), Shaandaar (September) and Tamasha (December), and upcoming big Telugu releases like Rudramadevi (March) and Baahubali (April), I caught this Telugu film from 2012 with two fairly unknown leads.

Although Lovely began with “doting father” and “father against daughter’s love” cliches, the story was surprisingly very entertaining. There is a lot of twists and turns all throughout the movie and especially in the last half hour that kept me intrigued and engrossed with the movie. And Lovely is possibly the best music album in recent years. It appears to be these lower cost films like Lovely and Prema Katha Chitram that put out the best music. When I say low cost, I don’t mean that there is anything lacking in the cinematography. In fact, some of the songs were shot abroad in Turkey. They could have actually shot all the songs in India to lower cost. The foreign locations for the songs weren’t really necessary.

Aadi and Shanvi performed just fine, but it was really the story of the film that came out as the winner. I also loved Vennela and Chinmayi’s portrayal. They were a wonderful addition to the cast and story and performed great comedy.

Lovely is one of those unexpected hits that do excellent at the box office without big names and very big budgets. As long as the story and direction is good, audience recognizes entertaining films. We see so many big name–big budget films with boring or illogical storylines that don’t work. So it’s a good idea not to ignore these less showy films, because we could be missing nice films hiding among the hundreds of releases every year.


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