Short Reviews: Recently Watched in Hindi, Telugu & Tamil

Hi everyone! I continue to watch Indian films as usual but I don’t get as much time as before to review them. So I have prepared short reviews for all recent films I’ve seen since my last review, NH10, in one post. I’ll try to do these on a regular basis.




All I probably need to say about this 2015 film is that it’s a supernatural horror made by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt and you probably know exactly what kind of film it is. The Bhatts love using very basic human instincts to attract cinemagoers. Everyone knows that a Bhatt film will have some horror, some thrill and some erotica. This film also has these elements but as it often happens, it runs a little short on story, performance and logic.

The film is about a writer who ends up in a strange isolated guesthouse while looking for inspiration. The biggest issue with this film is that it’s supposed to be a horror film but it’s not scary at all.

RahasyaRahasya - First Look Poster.jpg

Rahasya is a very good 2015 murder mystery starring the superb actor, Kay Kay Menon. If you like the mystery- thriller genre, then you will definitely enjoy this. The film is about how Sunil from CBI investigates and solves a murder case of a young girl. The story is very well written, gripping and effective. Kay Kay Menon did such a great job that at one point I was wondering why he was not offered the role of a modern Indian Sherlock Holmes.

Bombay Velvet

I didn’t not see Bombay Velvet entirely but I’ve seen much of it. The thing is that this film
Bombay Velvet poster.jpg was so hyped in the beginning and it was delayed so much that the excitement and anticipation reduced greatly by the time it released. It’s also a very ambitious project so some disappointment seems inevitable. The most impressive aspects were definitely the sets, costumes, hair, makeup, etc. But in all honesty, the film did not seem like it took place in Bombay in the 1960s and the characters didn’t seem like Indians. It’s like a strange fusion of various Al Pacino films. And you know something is not right when the best thing about a film is the presence and performance of Karan Johar. Raveena Tandon got the short-stick with that mere glimpse in the beginning of the film. I’ve actually heard people say that they will watch this film to see Raveena, so that was a very poor decision on the part of Anurag Kashyap. Ranbir and Anushka looked great individually but lacked the passion or chemistry together which the story demanded. I should probably see the film properly before commenting further however.


Maryada Ramanna

Maryada Ramanna.JPG

This is actually a 2010 film, a modern version of a Romeo and Juliet story starring Sunil. I have watched Sunil in many films as a comedy actor so I was not sure whether he could pull of the role of hero. I didn’t know if he could do serious acting and deliver romantic dialogues but he was in fact, very, very good in the film. He is such a good actor and was particularly impressive in the emotional scenes. The film overall is a complete family entertainer. I really enjoyed myself watching this film. If you missed it when the film released, please do watch it now.

Govindudu Andarivadele poster.jpg

Govindudu Andarivadele

I’m not a big fan of Ram Charan so I started watching this 2014 film with little expectation. It’s true that there is nothing unique or different about the story of Govindudu Andarivadele. We’ve seen this storyline in Telugu films many times before. A son or daughter separates on bad terms from family and many years later the son returns to the family home to get to know them and bring everyone together. Even though the storyline is quite routine, the film is nice and entertaining. I liked Ram’s performance. I also liked his character’s equation with the character of Prakash Raj who was the grandfather. This is a family entertainer that’s good for a stress-free weekend evening.Current Theega poster.jpg

 Current Theega

This 2014 film was a pain to watch. If you ask me the story, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you. I think I fast-forwarded several times while watching. The scenarios and comedy were ridiculous and the hero, Manchu Vishnu, overacts. Even Sunny Leone couldn’t save this film and I mean that literally because she was in the film too.

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu

This is a 2012 Gautham Menon film starring Nani and Samantha. It’s a romantic film about how the love story of this couple develops over many years. Vinnaithandi YVM Wallpaper.jpgVaruvaya by Gautham Menon is one of my favorite films and I had been looking forward to watching this particular film since some time now. Unfortunately, the film was not as good as I expected. It’s extremely slow paced and the story is rather uneventful. I was mostly bored during the movie and even though I think that Nani and Samantha are both good actors, I wasn’t particularly impressed by their performances either. So kind of disappointed with this one and if you haven’t seen it, you really haven’t missed anything.

Doosukeltha poster.jpg


This is another film which I avoided seeing when it released for no particular reason. It released in 2013 and stars Manchu Vishnu. The first half was kind of silly and boring. The second half was better, more entertaining. Again, there is nothing unique about the story. It seems that Telugu heroes have an unspoken promise that they must always unite families and they must do it by sneaking into their house under some false pretense and make everyone love them. My reactions to the film basically go like this: *yawn* *yawn* *make disgusted face at stupidity of the events and jokes* *yawn* *oh wait, it might get better * *it’s a little better* *laugh* *intrigued* *laugh* *yawn* *oh good it’s over.*

Lakshmi Raave Ma Intiki

This 2014 film got very poor reviews and rightly so. The story is not very well written or directed. I saw it regardless because the film stars Naga Shourya who debuted in the hit film Oohalu Gusagusalade. That film was very good and entertaining. I actually feel sorry for Naga because he is a very good actor. Lakshmi Raave Ma Intiki is only his second film but he acts very well, he’s natural at it and doesn’t overact. He has good dialogue delivery, good expressions, good timing and has comedy timing too. If I’ve learned anything about film and acting over the years as a viewer, I think that if Naga signs good projects with good stories and direction, he will go far in the industry.

Aside from the long, patchy storyline, the other issue in the film was the actress Avika Gor. She performed well in some scenes, just okay in others. The bigger problem is her un-groomed eyebrows. I’m not one to judge people by their looks but since visuals are a big part of acting and films, it is important that an actor’s appearance should not be so unpleasant or distracting that it takes away from how the viewer experiences that scene and that performance. In this case, her eyebrows were a constant distraction throughout the movie.




Ah, that much awaited Rajnikanth movie opposite Anushka Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha. It was nice. I liked the past-day part of the film much more than the modern-day story. In fact, having both stories — life of the grandfather and the life of the grandson– in the same film was not a good idea. The way that it was done, it made the story too long and elaborate. I liked seeing Rajnikanth’s character in the British occupied era. His clothes, his looks, the sets and the action was very entertaining. I also liked Sonakshi’s role and performance in the film. Aside from this one criticism that they probably should have just focused on the past-day part of the story and removed most of the present-day part, the film fulfilled expectations.

Yennai Arindhaal.jpg

Yennai Arindhaal

A Gautam Menon film with Trisha and Anuskha? Yes, please.

I’m not too familiar with Ajith Kumar films but I know that he has a considerable fan following and he is popular for his action. I personally had been following the updates and promotions of this film since many months and couldn’t wait to see it, and I was not disappointed. The story, direction and performances are really top-notch. I can see how Ajith Kumar got his fan following as he is quite good with action and brings a charismatic performance. It’s always a pleasure to see Anushka on screen. But for me, the main reason I saw the film and the best part of it was definitely Trisha. She is amazingly beautiful in it and has a very significant role opposite Ajith. Her character was endearing and really established the backbone of the entire story. Although it probably is not right to compare them in this context, I think Trisha overshadowed Anushka in the film. I have been watching Trisha films for a decade now and one would think that an actress would age like we all do within such a time frame. But Trisha seems to just get more and more beautiful every time I see her on screen. She’s rubbish at classical dancing though.

Aside from Trisha, the actual story of Yennai Arindhaal is truly worthwhile. The story is a little complex and it is told retroactively. Despite these shifts in time frames within the story, it was edited well and confusion never arose. The film is basically about police officer Sathyadev, played  by Ajith. There are different aspects to his character, that of a police officer, that of a lover to Trisha, a protector to Trisha’s daughter in the film as well as the character played by Anushka, and also his struggle against his enemies who have old vendettas with him. I liked the film and I think I will be watching it again.


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