Tomorrowland Review: Not Worth It

I caught this film at the theaters yesterday. I decided just by reading the short summary provided there and it sounded interesting. I was however, largely disappointed. The first half of the film was all right and managed to keep my intrigue. I liked the production of “Tomorrowland.” It all looked very real and convincing. However, in the second half of the film, the story started becoming kind of silly with all sorts of random ideas emerging at the last minute. In the beginning I though the film was about some revolutionary way that the world and all that is bad in it could be changed. But at the end, they sent us home with a message along the lines of “have good thoughts and all will be well.” So it all felt so silly and ridiculous at the end. It was also funny how the filmmaker’s idea of “bad stuff” are mostly just natural disasters that humans have no control over. So that undermined the whole basis of the story for me.

Another reason I wanted to see the film was because George Clooney is in the cast. But aside from the very first few minutes, he’s not even in the first half of the film. The lead actor here is Britt Robertson but the person who actually really impressed me with her performance was Raffey Cassidy. She is amazing! She acts better than seasoned actors and just blew me away with her ability.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this film to you. Don’t waste your money on it, wait till it comes on TV or the net to watch it.


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