Anegan Review: Watch It For The First Story

Anegan Poster.jpg

This is a 2015 Tamil fantasy-romantic-thriller starring Dhanush and Amyra Dastur.

The film is sort of like Dangerous Ishq. There is a main theme of reincarnation and lasting love. The difference in this film is that we’re not sure whether the heroine is really recollecting her past memories or whether she just has a very inventive imagination. This uncertainty lingers throughout the film and it is never given a definite answer. I was hoping that I would know in the finale, but I was just as confused about this point at the end as I was in the beginning.

The film goes through a serious of past lives and in between we are brought back to present day. Eventually the past and present come together.

The best part of this film is a fantastic first story which is a period story that takes place in Burma. I am in love with this story in the film. The story itself is great, the costumes, the sets, the history, everything is very nice. Only Dhanush’s hair is terrible in this story. But if I were to give a single reason why you should watch this film, it is for this initial romantic story. I love the song “Aathadi Aathadi” in this story.

I think what touched me about it is that the love portrayed in it is so pure and naive. I guess its something about their age. They’re at an age where they can love selflessly and daringly. As we grow older, our ego grows too and it always gets in the way. The love that’s portrayed in the first story in Anegan and in the song Aathadi Aathadi, is probably something that only young people can experience. It’s simple, uncomplicated and whole-hearted. And that’s why it’s beautiful.

The film in general has a very upbeat rhythm and I was not bored at any point. I did however feel that there were too many past lives and things got a little confusing for me in the second half. They tried to tie everything back together at the end. I can’t say that I was very impressed with the ending.

Dhanush, as always, did a great job with his roles. Amyra is a very impressive actress and Amyra and Dhanush make a good on-screen pair. Dhanush always looks best with fair ladies I think. I really liked this pairing in this film.

I do suggest that you don’t raise your expectations too high and just enjoy the first part of the film. I think it is worth the watch.

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