I Love New Year Review


I Love New Year is a rom-com starring Sunny Deol and Kangana Ranaut. It is the remake of the 1976 Russian film “The Irony of Fate.” 

I Love New Year was filmed in 2011 and was supposed to release in 2013, but ended up releasing 10 July 2015.

The story of the film is actually quite interesting. Sunny Deol, who lives in Chicago, gets very drunk on New Year’s day and somehow ends up on a plane to New York. He doesn’t realize what has happened to him and tells the taxi driver in New York his home address, while still very much intoxicated and out of his senses. It turns out that the same address exists in New York and his house key even matches the lock of the apartment he is taken to. He strolls in, gets himself to bed and falls asleep. Soon after, walks in the actual occupant of the apartment, Kangana. As the two argue about to whom the apartment belongs to and how Sunny ended up there, Kangana’s boyfriend and soon to be fiance arrives. Her boyfriend, having seen a Sunny Deol in his undies in bed, thinks that Kangana is cheating on him. What ensues is a serious of events and misunderstandings of a New Years eve, and of course, how Sunny-Kangana end up together.

The story is interesting and the scenario provides for a good stage for an entertaining romantic comedy. The biggest issue however is that the original film and story includes some Russian customs, as well as a background note in the beginning which makes the story more realistic and logical. Since these were naturally excluded in the Bollywood version, the story lost some credibility. I read a little bit about the original story and it turns out that there are explanations for the question marks that I Love NY leaves the audience with. For example, why are Sunny and friends drinking in a sauna? It’s because in the original, the friends celebrate in a Russian public bath, which is apparently a Russian tradition. And how is it possible that two buildings in two different cities can be exactly the same, with even the same lock? The original story explains this and sets the stage from the very beginning by telling us about identical public architecture in the Soviet Union. Without this type of background information, I Love New Year can appear and does appear confusing and silly at times.

Of course, there were also some issues with the way the film was directed. The second half lost pace and the constant return of the annoying fiance started to get on my nerves. And there was the forced crying of Kangana that made some scenes look outright silly. Sunny Deol delivered the best performance, literally easing and completing every scene in the film. He is such a handsome and talented actor.

Finally, the music is quite nice and I think the song “Judaai” is quite a hit on the net.

In conclusion, I think that the film is worth a watch. If you read a little bit about The Irony of Fate before watching the film, I do think that you will enjoy it more as you’ll know why things have turned out the way they have. Sunny Deol fans must definitely catch it, as I found his performance entertaining and worthwhile.


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